NEW VID: "Pratt Pack" W/mountain BC!

It was about 100 mile drive each way yesterday (Saturday) to ride the Pratt trail (in Ojai, CA) with Evan Byrne, but definitely worth the trip! Last and only time Irode this trail was waaaay backin Feb.w/ the SB uni crew. Evan’s dad shuttled us about a mile up to save us the hike, then me, Perry and Evan (which I named the “Pratt Pack”), dropped into the tech trail and had our share of drops, hops and bails!

We started at about 4pm and didn’t finish 'till dark, and loved every minute of it. This vid’s about 7 min. long but only about 35 mb. Toward the end you will see the coolest 26" Mountain BC built by Evan! He also made his special plates for mine and perry’s BC, and they’re fantastic! Thanks Evan for inviting us, and I look forward to doing it again!

Hope you all enjoy and post your comments please! :smiley:



should this not be in the video forum?

Looks like an awesome trail! Just enough drops/rocks, but not too many to make it unrideable.

I really liked the gliding by Evan.

I wonder how long it will be before that brake cable rips off the bc wheel, or has he devised a plan to help prevent that?

Looks like you had fun on your ride, and it made the video fun to watch too. Terry, you were really encouraging your fellow riders :wink: Also, it was nice to see the BC wheel in action after reading about in that thread a few days ago…

A long time. Why would it “rip” off?

Cos when you fall off you’re holding one end while the other is getting away from you at high speed. I guess the cable is a lot more sturdy than hydraulic brake hoses though, magura hoses snap very easily if provoked. The BC is a masterpiece though, looks very solid and well engineered. Does having to have your feet further apart to accomodate the brake disc affect the way it rides?

Looks cool. It is really werid to see Evan riding a 20" bc.

Here is my attempt at a download link for Evan…

The feet farther apart i cant really notice. Yeah the housing is pretty strong and its not really “attatched” to the caliper, its just over the cable, which is clamped onto the caliper arm. Since it dosnt lock up when its being draged, that means its not being pulled very hard.

I suck horribly at it right now. I cant even do a fireroad which i could do on my old bc, however on the old bc i was clamping the tire as hard as i could to stop.

Huh, i was going faster than i thought. I felt like a slug on that bc.

More traffic here, and since I still see vids posted here so I thought it was ok. If it’s a big deal I will ask Gilby to move it there. Sorry for any inconvenience.:slight_smile:

no big deal, just because there is a movie forum doesn’t mean it HAS to go there. It’s just to archive movies so it’s easier to find, and so on.

Ok cool, that’s what I thought.

Well I’m off to UC Irvine to meet and ride with the OC club! I guess we’re gonna be riding right inside the campus and stuff, so with lots of obstacles it might be fun, and according to Adam, we’re allowed to ride there…at least today!

If anybody lives near there please join us; We’re meeting at 4:30 today at the In 'n out burger at 4199 Campus Dr Ste 900, Irvine, CA 92612. :smiley:

Nice vid, as usual. The music kinda dates you though, pal. :wink:

Your movies are getting better and better, Terry. This one would be a good one, IMHO, for showing as a “typical” MUni ride. Be sure to put lots of attribution and even a date/place at the end so that us downloaders can figure out what’s what a year from now. :wink:

For me, personally, having lots of comments while I’m trying something is distracting. I don’t mind a pat on the back afterwards though! :slight_smile:

Thanks Spencer for the download link – how’d you do that! :thinking:

hehe, that’s what I was thinking.

that ride looks like so much fun!
how long of a trail was it?

your mbc is sooooooooooooooo cool…

I know other people have different ways of doing it but I use this url and just fill in the gallery itemID number (it says the number in the url when you play it)…

nice vidoe Terry, they just keep getting better and better. That was some nice gliding too Evan. that video has inspired me to go ride my BC once again.

isn’t it dark out?

oh yeah, your in austrailia… nvmind:o

Yeah that’s ok. But to me, good music is good music; it’s timeless! I haven’t tried rap yet, asthat just doesn’t seem to fit muni too well. Just good ol’ R&R seems best. I’mup for some sugesstions though, but then everybody’s gonna have different preferences. The other thing is that I’ve made so many videosn lately that I’m running out of songs!