New vid on the new gallery

New vid up on the new gallery, hope you like it. It’s our first vid, so some of the stuff at the begining isn’t groundbreaking but it gets better by the end.

Overall not a bad video. I would’ve liked the camera to show more of the rider, rather than just the whel. It got frustrating after a while.

Next time it’d be nice to see a bit more variety. Yall are riding muni’s, so why not throw in some muni footage?

One or both of you guys have a seriously bent cranlk, as I’m sure you know. The reason, judging from this video, is not that you guys are doing epic drops, but that you guys aren’t rolling out. You guys are doing lawsn dart landings, and that’s harder on the equipment and the body. Try crunching down and rolling out to absorb more of the impact.

Yah, well I live in a place called the prairies…but anyhow, next vid i’m gonna put my Muni to use, cuz there are some pretty well sized snow hills (in parking lots) and I’ve been mastering them one buy one…oh and about the bent cranks, yah i figured out to roll out of the drops but the damage is done. I’m saving up for profile hub/crank set, can’t wait. Thanks for the suggestions.

nice video. my favorite part was when you jumped off the pedals and back on.


hahah one of the easiest things to do too…but thanks, anybody else?

cool man! I like vids. it’s exciting and makes me want a camera.

but it looks like your “helmet” is a snow hat. What’s up with that! i can’t believe how hardly anyone wears a helmet.


That was great.:smiley:

I am happy just to be able to free mount and ride a little bit off road.


Thanks guys, drewation that fool wasn’t wearing a helmet, but i usually was. We made another vid today, i did some snow hills and road my frist hand rail, (dont’ know why i didnt’ think of doing it before today in THE MIDDLE OF WINTER) so yah keep checking the gallery for it. It will also have some stuff that we forgot to put in the other vid.

I don’t see a helmet on your avatar.

Well i think he’s wearing one, unelss his head reflects the sun really good…

Nice video. I agree with Gerbel in the fact that variety of shot’s is a good thing, I also noticed a fewskips/cuts that really tripped me out.

Yah, drewation edited it, but i’ll tell him about it, as well as about the fliming more than the wheel stuff.