New Vid - Old Clips

for a little time ago I was going too make a long vid, but i never got the time to finish

here it is:

that was good…how long have you been riding…and…

…inside joke

i got my first uni for christmas 2006

Do you know him, and this is an inside joke between you and him, or are you just posting an inside joke to no one, so that no one will get it?..

Anyway, good video. I would make the next one shorter though, this didn’t hold my attention throughout the whole thing.

it was his first post, its an inside joke with alot of people (it should be one with you) i think James potter was the first person to post it…

Nice vid. I agree about the length, I would’ve ended it at the end of the first song, or a different ending.

Not that funny IMO.

That’s what it should have said., IMO

oops i should have put that to…and again olav good video, you should get360 unispins… sorry for the threadjack also

Fett. Har du sykla lenge?
Likte redigeringa, og musikken.
Ellers var det najs trialing!

Its been a while since ive used my norwegian. :stuck_out_tongue:

good job. I like the 180 unispin one way and then immediately a 180 unispin the other way.
Looks like you’re in a pretty remote area.

hehe kult!
hvordan har du lært norsk?
er du fra norge?

Haha no I dont speak norwegian.

Fredrik Justnes told me what to say…:stuck_out_tongue:

He wanted to know what you would say back, so blame him.

But good video. :slight_smile:


haha i was wondering about that…

I started to wonder…
A good joke:P


btw sweet vid