New Vid, Old Clips, Check it out!

Well I had the urge to make a movie today so I put together some clips I haven’t used before(all from a Tennessee vacation). Enjoy!:smiley:

Comments and Tips on editing much appreciated!

Looked like a sweet vacation, great video!
Just a general question about making movies, are you using Windows Movie Maker?

I used to but now I use Power Director 6.

That was really good! I really enjoyed that! Keep it up!

TY, I wanted to use those clips since now my friend and I are starting to use his better quality camera.

Pretty good man. I don’t think that music suited the video.

Haha, I don’t know why…but I liked the music. Nice job on the video :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why but I liked your originally posted vacation vid better.

I thought the music was fine as well. It didn’t strongly resonate w/ me though.

Me too. This was from a different vacation.