New vid not much riding but worth a watch trust!

kk so this is like a me, myself n i vid of all the stuff i do part from unicycling plus some riding.

enjoy an let me know what you think
cheers Lucas

hey do u think u could put it the gallery. but i can get to youtube its just kinda annyoing because it takes a while.

is there anything you cant do?

haha your ace

sorry mate i dont think the gallery is workin definetly for me duno about everyone else

you’ve got skillz that killz… apart from that uni bit:p

When you caught that uni, did you play the tape backwards to seem that way or did somebody chuck it to you???

That boi got skillz. That was a cool vid Lucas, definatly worth a watch. Lets hope people like Habbywall and James see this, seeing as they like juggling.

Best part: The dancing for sure, how did you pull your boxers off whilst wearing your trousers!!! :thinking: (I’m kidding…)

Your kidding? haha.

Not bad, Is your performance as Lucy in BYJOTY available anywhere, That was better.


yh just look up lucas wintercrane on google its there cheers for comments

That was fun; a nice break from all the same-old. Your music sounded too compressed, which is maybe a good thing. If you really have a good vid it shouldn’t need to contain lyrics like ni**er and MF, etc.

sorry for that just liked the song to go with the title because the chorus is ‘i been doin my own thing’ but cheers any way