New vid from the Vasipaulette uni team : "Vasipaulette 2006"

The Vasipaulette team is coming back with this new video about downhill, trial and BC wheel …:slight_smile:
This video has been at the 2nd place at the french unicycle championship wich took place last week-end.
Appearing Jeff Grooves, Ryan Atkins and Kevin McMullin !!.. :astonished:

High quality : Vasipaulette 2006 high
Normal quality : Vasipaulette 2006 normal
Low quality : Vasipaulette 2006 low
We are waiting for your comments …

robin BC verney.jpg

ben benoir.jpg

drop souche curial kev.jpg

the high quality one finally downloaded.

great video ! although it was about half an hour too short.

i like how you pretty much had more stacks than completions, makes for a funny vid.

what are thase things between the saddle and the frame?

It is a girth: the aim is not to broke the saddle when you roll-up, by using the handle … It works !:smiley:

ohhhh so when you pull up on the handle it pulls up on the frame rather than the seat?

what a neat idea.

Very cool video.
That last drop was sick :astonished:
To bad you didn’t win guys


Man great vid!
I like the first song

hey cool, that bc has a tire guard on it. Do you have any closer pictures of it?

Nice video. That was some sweet riding.

awesome video, there was a lot of sweet moves in there.

Damn i want a bc.

one of the best vids i’ve seen in a while. good job

awesome video. i liked that drop at the end, that would of takin’ a lot of balls!

Finaly a video with Kevin Mcmullin in it!!

Hah sweet video guys, although when you said they would be in it I assumed riding XD, I guess you pulled a fast one on me :roll_eyes:

Great video though.

sweet video, that last drop… owch but that would have been so sweet if you made it. What was that like 10 feet?

aweosme video. that was a crazy bc…


The drop was 3,7 meters: about 12 feet I think …

do you have a close picture of that ??

Here, you can see a little bit how it looks :

wow that was totally awesome

the music must have taken a lot of editting because it flowed smoothly