new vid fresh from the streets of oz.

hello people, just put me vid online so all you uni’ists can watch it for your enjoyment. it is of street riding, but has some basic trials moves in it.

please comment



byza dog

Good job dude, sweet as :slight_smile: I loved the 180 rev.

That sam guy sounds like a legend :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid.

nice video and I really like you late rev

u shuld try to grind a few hand rails…
you got the hops to do it…
good vid…
i found another person like me that stalls with their crank backward…
i stall with my left back and u with ur right back but still the crank is back…
the shiftys are sweet…

yer i notice the trend is for going crank forward, but i feel less like i am going to fall on my ass that way, i would rather fall forward… and it just seems better that way.

yer there is a good rain at the skate park but i am going to my old town to go riding dirtbikes with some friends in 2 weeks and seeing uni is my second hobby to that i would rather not hurt myself on my uni.

but after that i will try to get my flat rails more consistand then give some a go.

when riding the late shifty seemed ok but on the vid it wasnt all that super so i was a little bumed about that but oh well, will have to do better next time.

thanks for the comments
they make it worth it

and yer sam is super dooper cool, he can even side hop down a 7 set…
i haven even rolling hopped a 7 set… legend

nice vid although I would have liked to see some different crankflips, your luky to have skateparks, im gunu weld up a grind bar later, I have barly anything to ride on near my house :frowning:

Sweet Vid good to see riders in Australia having a go. Nice one mate.

yer i landed a few flips on cement but when i got home and checked the footage i found that where i was flipping was just out of the camera shot, but it was almost dark so i decided to not try to film any more.

i will have to make another vid once i get some more flips happpening, and maybe some rails. also i need to learn riding backwards more so i cam 180 more stuff…

but the next vid wont be for atleast a month maybe

I may make another vid in about a month as well, after I have finished all my exams.

to help make sure you land your tricks in shot I leave my uni were I want to land it, set the camera up with it in the middle of the shot then just put a stone or leaf on the floor were my uni was and its easy. now go out and get some shots of you crankflipping :smiley:

yer its winter here now… i finish work betwene 3 30 and 4, i get home about 4 30 have to get ready and drive to where i park to go riding (takes about 15 mins all up) so then its quarter to 5 and it is too dark to film by 5 15…

so its a bit hard on weekdays, and seeing i did all the filming for street dog last saturday and was ocupied on sundy i havent really had time… its thursday night now so that means only 1 more day till i can film some flips.

but i will see how motivated i am, maybe i should just leave it for me next vid so then i will have some new footage