New vid Feedback please xD

I just finnished this this vid i filmed it all yesterday cos i had the day off school :smiley:
just looking for some feed back, tips and stuff


things to work on
style, you seem to hack at the tricks and throw them 1cm off the ground, get them higher and smoother and they will look much better. I>E> a 360 unispin a foot off the ground looks MUCH better than one thrown 1cm off the ground.

good stuff: the foot plant thing looked really smooth and really good, i liked it.
the skill level of the tricks is pretty high, and the video is put together decently, but if you are going to have a bails section, make the video have one clip at the most of a mess up.

all together a good video.

thanks yer i only learnt crankflips last sunday so theyre still really sketchy n yer ill try n get everything much bigger :smiley:

i still havn’t learned them :stuck_out_tongue:

Emrys! I didn’t know you could unicycle! Good job there you drunkard, congrats on your flips

yeh good shiz mate as i told you yesterday wicked stuff looking forward to probably riding on sunday xxxxxxx

hahaha yer im no drunk ask lucas :stuck_out_tongue: