NEW VID: "Devil's Cake Muni"

Sunday, 11/5/06, me & Perry had a blast at Devil’s Slide! This is our new Muni-Playground!

This place Rocks…literally! Some fun bails and quick paced at 2+ minutes. It also gave me the opp. to use some Kinks music! Yay!:smiley:

(Watch for Perry’s version as he trys his hand at editing the 18 min. of raw footage!)

Dang! I was supposed to post this on the video forum! I’m sorry, i keep forgetting 'cause it’s just force of habit! Gilby, can you possibly move it there? I’ll definitely (definately, defanitley, etc! haha!) remember next time!:slight_smile:

No offence, but those trails look rediculously easy. It must be the angle or something. I would love to come down one day (once I have me car) and try these beasts out!

Depends on the section; we didn’t go very far down that day. The first minute of the vid takes place before the rock trail part, then at about 1:08 minutes you can see the shot that shows where the dh section begins. It’s much steeper and bumpier than it looks on the vid.

Dude, Perry is gonna kill the DX throwing it like that! Nice riding though.

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just got to watching it now, nice vid :sunglasses: tha trail looks like alot of fun

It is! You outta come down for the weekend and ride it with us! :smiley: (Long trip, eh?)