New Vid: Compulsion Cycles Reutrn to Madison(with some mondo)

Hey guys,

Heres the newest vid from compulsion cycles…its pretty low key stuff mostly but matt has some sick flat in it. Matt did up the edit and did a great job!

-enjoy and show us some lovin

jon A

its not aivilabel.

its not available.

could you put it on vimeo or so? it’s not available in my country or domain:(

Awesome, I wish I coulda been at Mondo :frowning:

Minnesota Riders … yeah … set that bar high fellers!!!

Haha, you’re ups are incredible Jon. I need more pallets so I can get my rolling hop above 27". Sweet flat, too.

very nice
the combo at 1:29 was cool and rolling wrap to filp roll and teh hof over the chair were cool too

Nice. Man, Matt’s getting good at flat and freestyle! He’s probably going to own me in freestyle, and probably flat too…

Wooo! Not only is this video awesome but it has my name in it!

yep spencer was in there :slight_smile: he came down for Mondo and stayed with me for the weekend. amazing time :slight_smile:

PS-sorry about the vid not working on some countries ill talk to matt about putting it on vimeo.

Not available.

I found it on vimeo



Good vid. Loved the folding chair. Nice synchronization with the flat combo and the stairs/freestyle (don’t know what that move was).
Sweet editing and flat by Matt.