New Vid- Clear

Hey guys I just finished a vid that I have been working on for a while.

I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s my first experience with working with Adobe Premiere Elements and my new camera.

It’s mostly flat with a little street thrown in.

Let me know what you think please:)


This is amazing. Some of those combos and lines were really creative and smooth :astonished:

That was just plain awesome. I was particularly flabbergasted by the line where you rode backwards along that parking divider. That and the 270 onto the little blue ledge. Good stuff, eh?

i really liked the like outside roll glide thing. i was just messing around with that the other day

Some of the new flat tricks you did here sorta match the style of the flat I’ve been messing around with lately, and I wish I had invented them :p.

Some creative stuff in there.

Nice 9spin too.


Some really creative stuff! That thing on the light post especially.:stuck_out_tongue:

anyway i really liked it:)

lol, this again?
Yeah that 900 unispin was crazy!!! Liked the rolling 720 / sidejump line.
They Treydouble up the curb and hicktriple were nice.

loved it. I liked the thing with the telephone pole.

that was tight.

great video :smiley:

Great Video. Lots of awesome creative stuff in there. Keep riding!

What 9spin :thinking: ?
This vid is awesome, I thought the tire stall/ foot plant on light pole was creative.

haha I didn’t see it either.

haha I don’t see it either.

Hey we can see your flips now :smiley:

Getting creative now, awesomeness. Loved the 270 combo, I wanna do that with a certain trick of mine :slight_smile:

Nice vid.

awesome riding, very good flow :slight_smile:
a lot of interesting/creative lines (like in1:43…)
the 270 combo was also very nice and an awesome triplehick and treydouble !! :astonished:

and the editing and music were also very good

thanks to everyone for the comments i really appreciate them.

oh and pele I have actually come very close to the nine spin several times.

ill make a seperate vid for it if/when i land it:)

keep the comments coming guys. id really like to hear what you think.

Great video man.

Really good tricks and editing. :slight_smile:

wow…amazing riding! nice combo lines!

That was a great video. I liked the pivot-kick off of the telephone pole. If you could pull that faster it would look even cooler.

Good job.