New Vid-Birthday Session(Jon Atwell)

Hey guys,

Heres a vid i made for my friend Jen’s brithday. Shes on the forums to her names demon something(i kinda forget :o ) But anyway heres the vid…short and sweet

-jon A

Hey, I like that vid! :wink:
Short and sweet just like me, haha, just playing!

Happy birthday Jen.

Happy birthday Jen.

Happy birthday Jen.

Looks like Mr. Atwells got a (not so)secret crush. :wink:
The white frame looks a lot better then the blue frame with a white tire.
imo the white tire looks really wrong with a blue frame.

Happy B-day y’all!!!

now thats love right there… Happy birthday

Showing off your muscles for the lady friend hu? jk
Short vid, but the few tricks looked good.
Hoped for a longer vid though.

Oh, and happy birthday Jen …

EDIT: forgot to ask if the frame is home sprayed? Because it doesn’t seem to have a smooth finish

yep stripped and then clear coated.

“Hoped for a longer vid though.”

working on that for you right now dude :slight_smile:

i saw the first 4 words and i thought you were talking about the intro of your video lol.