NEW VID [Augsburg Session]

Good evening. :slight_smile:
Johann3s and I were riding in Augsburg yesterday.
I grinded for my first time yesterday, too. :slight_smile:
Here a little vid:

I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Nice hops, grinds, street! You guys are really good.

Very nice, liked the handrails and massive hops :D!

yeah very nice vid!!
sweet hops and hanrails, and i like the gap (from those thinks:p)

The filming wasn’t to good, but I still enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:

those were big sidehops

i liked the 5 set rail

+1. that rail was so perfect

that was your 1,000 post :smiley:

Nice Video!Da gibts mal nix zu mekkern!

liked the flip up the 3 and the grind at the end
editing was nice to:D

hey :slight_smile: thanks for the comments

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