[New Vid] Another Day, Sweden

You know you wanna watch it! Please drop a comment or two :smiley:

Length: 03:12

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Ops :o I’m kinda new to vimeo, but I fixed it now!

Sweet. Entertaining, editing was nice.

nice edit, nice angles

I liked that! Very entertaining, perfect length:content ratio. Some good hops, and lines.

That’s a great video. I do have one bit of advice, however. Try to not do prehops while rolling. I noticed them when you jumped up a ledge rolling, and also before a 4 set. Try and just do a normal rolling hop, it looks much smoother.

I used to do the same thing, time and practice w/ rolling space/length will get rid of them. :slight_smile:

nice, the editing definately was good, shame about the shakiness of the cam but i guess my vids are the same tripods are too god damn expensive!

Thanks for all the comment guys! About the hops, I know it looks smoother but I find it sooo much easier to do a pre-hop, but I’ll work on it! :smiley: And don’t blame me for the shaky camera, blame my cameraman :smiley:

Cool locations