New Vid-A Bad Day

Basicly just a vid of 2 falls and 2 tricks

I was planning on making a lax short but first i shinned myself then I trashed my wrist.
This all happened in 15 mins and on easy tricks so thus my “bad day”

-jon A (looks kinda funny tho)

Painful looking on the first one. Hawt kickflip variation.

Never heard of shinnies???
They are your friend!!!

Ouch that must have hurt :astonished: ! (what was the name of the song btw?)

Man where are u protectors! i understand the arm isn’t ur fault but if u used protector u might not get so much pain in ur foot :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree.
Just use shingaurds, you will thank them many times.
Padless ridings isn’t cool, not even because Shaun does it…

But nice tricks Jon, make a longer vid soon :wink:

To Ben, the song is mentioned in the end of the vid, so just watch it full…

Definately get some shingaurds. I’m not near as good as you and they have saved my shins a ton of times.

haha im not riding padless because its “cool” or whatever i just really hate putting them on.

i’m going to film today for the next big vid…“the war on error”

I like the new vids name.:wink:

No offence ment to you, just making it clear to the little kiddies on this forum :wink:

Considering some riders have nicknamed leg guards as “leg warmers”, riding without pads actually is quite “cool” especially when wearing shorts.

Also, Shaun wears pads in all vids I’ve seen. I’ve heard of him saying he rides without pads in the past. But I guess thats just when he rides for fun.

Loved the shinner Jon :sunglasses:

I’m thinking of getting pads not for pedal bites, but to treat my ever increasing amount of frame and tire bashes… Pedal bites I don’t mind, but frame bashes are terrible because they can keep you from landing stuff too. (not to mention they are a hundred times more painful).

But I’ll probably still be too lazy to put them on…

Yesterday I some how manged to frame my shin twice. One doing a terrible lateflip on flat and the other grinding a hand rail and slipping off…

It’s been happening much more than twice a ride for me recently. Well actually it got really bad (like 6-10 frame bashes a ride) and i think now its at around 1, which is still too much, but if it stays at 1 i don’t think I’ll get shinguards.

I hit my knees on the frame quite a bit when wearing just shin guards and it hurts a bit but IMO shinning yourself badly without pads is one of the most painful things ever.

Agreed. Peles just diffrent lol.

I have to agree with Pele here, frame hitting sucks.
I where shinpads and I have frame hits from time to time, even on my XTP…
Mostly on my knee though so the shinpads don’t help, so that sucks.

I hate getting hit right in that half inch gap where there plastic of the shins ends, and the plastic of the knee slits start. Right on the join.

Ouch and a half.

I felt that one for you. I hate when your feet land on the tire and you don’t expect it. You fall so quickly and it happens so sudden.

Looks like you have that hick kick consistant though. Nice.

Were you doing an in-in trey? Or an in-in trey to ww lol.