New VANS LXVI Category Shoe

These are my first thoughts just when buying them and I will write more after riding with them.
So I decided I wanted new shoes. Actually I needed them my old vans being completely worn out. Go to the vans store to find that they had just got the shipment of the new LXVI category of shoes. They are very nice. Very light, breathable and comfortable. There are a couple different styles some more sturdy and some more lightweight. The ones i got are exceedingly comfortable and light. They kind of follow the nike bloc pattern of tread except are the diamonds. Look a bit more durable than the classic vans but we’ll see. They were $90 USD although the other styles (not quite as “groundbreaking”) started at $75. Sorry about starting another shoe thread but they look quite promising.
Feel free to voice your opinions. And like I said I just bought them today and will be gradually putting them through their paces. Here is the link to the website

They look promising, do you think you can weigh them. I just want a lighter alternative to five tens.

Here’s my humble 2 cents: the “action lift” thing is stupid… I guess it doesn’t really matter for unicycling but in the context of skateboarding it makes no sense; It creates instability, decreases board feel, and probably isn’t much more effective at stopping heel bruises than a low profile gel insert (like Lakai’s equa form) because cushioning only distributes impact, it does a crappy job of reducing it like a suspension spring. That’s my only gripe about them. I think Vans is headed in a good direction with the focus on innovative design.

How stiff are they across the arch? I’ve found vans to bee too flimsy for flatland (and I have high arches so my shoes gets bent to hell). My favorite model used to be the AV3, but they’re hard to find now.

@Padster. The shoes weigh in at 14.8-9 ounces for both of them which equals 7.4-5 each. Feel very light on the feet.

@ GSshoe I’ll have to get back to you after a bit more riding with them, but so far they haven’t felt too flimsy.

So I’ve had these for about a month. Haven’t done much riding but so far they’ve been anything but impressive. Sure the light weight makes them a “good” choice but mine have been falling apart. The diamond shaped grips on the bottom are cheap foam, and are already going to pieces. (No I haven’t been picking at them) The insoles are just cheese. they have a layer of foam and a layer of fabric. They are flimsy. The two layers are held together by some cheap no-stick glue instead of a simple seam. As you can guess the two layers are coming undone by the toes, making wearing the shoes not very comfortable.
So I’m going to try to return them. They are just not very quality.
The style I got (out of three) is the lightest and maybe the most flimsy so I don’t know about the others.

So after returning them the Vans manager said that all of my problems were defects and allowed me to pick any shoe in the store worth the same or less:D
He was pretty nice about that. Since he said the problems were manufacturing defects I just got the same pair. Also I thought that the insole problem might have been because I got a half size too small. We will see how this second pair goes.