New V2 Coker

Just received my new Coker! Tried to get it put together on my lunch hour but ran out of time. Will try it out on my street tonight and post some photos. It feels pretty light, I’m going to weigh it. There is no way that it is 4 pounds heavier than the BigOne. I can’t imagine the frame is much more than 4 lbs. by itself.

Awesome, it looks like you’re the first to post that you received your V2. Looking forward to pics…

nice dude. sounds fun. pics would be great. Are you lacing the wheel yourself?

+1 :smiley:

+1 :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

I really hope you had tons of distractions while putting it together, it takes me about 5 minutes to build my Unicycle…

Got the V2 together and took a quick spin down my street in the dark, smoooth!! Here are some photos: (I don’t know how to get the photos to show in the text) Brakes go on tomorrow.


Yeah, I had to eat, and drive to and from my office. It takes longer to get it out of the box than put it together.

Nice squiddy! I’ve been out to Aliso several times lately for stairstepper and rockit rides, so the next time I’m out there maybe you could meet me there before or after my ride so I could get JL’s trials Uni back. :sunglasses: Maybe this Sunday.

Sssssqqqqqquuuuuuuiiiiiiiddddddddd!!! :d

Squid in motorcycling circles means “Stupidly Quick, Underequipped, and Inevitably Dead”. We should come up with an acronym for this squidly unicycle. “Stupidly Quick Unicycle Inspires Desire”?

I like it!
I weighed it at 17 pounds today. I am going to take it to my LBS where they have a more accurate scale. It seems lighter than the 19 pounds advertised.
Installed the “linear pull” brake today, nice, clean install. light and works well. Shake down cruise will be a local bike trail tomorrow. Details coming.

Here’s a photo of the brake install, very clean.

Did my first Coker ride, 12 miles on a busy bike trail. Really smooth, fun and a good cardio work out. I’m hooked.

Do you not bang your knees on that frame? It looks to me like it would get in the way a lot.

I was thinking that too. I’ve been waiting for someone who had ridden it to tell me otherwise.

In the picture above, what’s all the hardware around the seatpost, surrounding the seatpost clamp? Something to do with attaching the brake?

I occaisionally brush the back of my thigh on it, but I am running the seat a bit low because I have never ridden a 36er and am a little sketchy. Once I get comfy, I’ll raise the seat and it will be a non-issue. The tubes are smaller diameter than single tube frames.

That is the clamp on my bike stand holding it up! Here is a clampless photo:

I like the look of the 48 spoke wheel on a 36er
I wonder if there would be any strength gain for those doing off road on 36ers?

Munivision, you may not be a hacker, but you’ve just emptied my bank account. :wink: