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hey everyone, im going to be getting a unicycle because i really like how people use them for trials, furthermore im a noob and i have a couple questions.

  1. what would be a good SIZED unicycle for trials for a 5’6 user?
  2. what would be a good UNICYCLE for the job?
  3. what other important info is there for me to know at this point if any
    thanks for the help I appreciate it
  1. If you wanna get into trials…get a 20 inch.
  2. You’re gonna get a lot of replies saying “Get a Torker DX!!1!1!!”…I think.
  3. Use the search feature and look up unicycle terms…and stuff…

Anyways. Welcome to the forums!!

  1. I’d have to say that if you want to do trials get a 20 inch.
  2. on a budget Torker LX or DX, not on a budget KH 20, or a Nimbus 20 inch
  3. learn about the various parts of the unicycle, and as The Buddy said learn various terms associated with unicycling so your not lost when talking to the more experienced members…

And again welcome to the forums, and happy riding…

ok thanks…yea i was looking at unicycles and some good ones that caught my attention were the TORKER DX, the ONZA, and the KRIS HOLM…but im a little fuzzy on why the TORKER is so much cheaper than the ONZA or the KRIS HOLM, anyone know why?

I think that it’s because Torker is more of a low end beginner type unicycle although it’s on the higher end of the low end so it’s more of a medium, I also think it’s because of where they are mad and how…(anyone who seriously knows what they’re talking about can correct me)

i dont seriously know what i am talking about, but if you buy a DX (around 250) you will (nearly) never need another. Very few people break anything other than the stock pedals

ok thanks for the replys. id still like some more opinions if theres any other models that would be good so keep the information coming please and thanks

Just read all the threads about the Torker DX, Onza and KH. You’ll probably find a LOT more information, plus a whole lot more about them.

I guess we’ll just have to keep this thread at the top then, but yeah here’s my oppinion again

On a budget:

Torker DX

Torker LX

Not on a budget:

KH 20

Nimbus 20

Qu-Ax 20

KH is probably the best. A dx is good if you have a small budget or are not sure you want to really get into it. But id get a KH it is much better in every way. Also if you have the choice like on a KH you want cranks anywhere from 145mm to 135mm at the very least. the longer the better for trials.

ok guys thanks alot that pretty much covers everything i need to know

no problem… it was fun helping you and drooling over all the unicycles that I was looking at…

actually theres one more thing…when i was watching some videos of trials on youtube i noticed that the tires seemed a little low…intentional or not?

Low tire pressure gives more bounce and more stability.

it’s intentional, I’m not quite sure why exactly but it seems to help with hops and bouncing, you will want to tailor the tube to you’re own feeling. you want it to be high enough that you don’t “bottom out” (the rim touches the ground) and low enough that when you do drops you don’t get bounced off, ect.

yea i was wondering how that might be done because continuous impact on a rim obviously isnt good…but kool thanks for the feedback if i have anymore questions ill ask

  1. I think it depends on what you want freestyle/trials/MUni/etc
  2. A Torker DX would be a good choice seeming as I have 1 and have no expectations of selling it.
  3. Do your research on the unicycle you want. For example there’s a difference between a KH and a QU-AX.

Welcome to the forums and hoped this helped.
Take care