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Hey guys, I live in Shalimar, FL. I just started riding a few weeks ago. Can’t do any tricks yet but hopefully soon. If yall know Forrest Rackard, he taught me how to ride.

Welcome. Very few here will not know of him. I hope you are saying you will be ridding at his level in no time.:wink:

Welcome to the greatest uni forum on the planet! :smiley:

dont you mean the ONLY one? :wink:

Well, there’s that UK one now.

But yea, welcome.

Well, I’m pretty sure there are a few others, including New Zealand, and Canada has this:,com_fireboard/Itemid,26/task,listcat/catid,17/

Not sure if they’re affiliated with

and France, Spain, Italy, Germany (I’m sure Japan and others have ones as well).

Who cares, this is a good forum! Hi, welcome to here!