New use for a unicycle

After having been away, sans unicycle, over the weekend I was willing to try anything just to be able to ride the thing again. And so it came to pass that lots of bubble-wrap needed disposing of… what better way to pop all the bubbles by, well, jumping around on it…

…the one at the top…

Phil, just me

Wow Phil. That video is great! I wish shipped my most recent stuff with bubble wrap instead of peanuts. You don’t get peanuts on airplanes anymore, but you get peanuts in the mail when you order stuff… weird.

I don’t know… for me, the whole point of bubble-wrap was the sheer joy of the tactile experience of popping those bubbles with my fingers.

It’s like the difference between eating sushi with chopsticks or your fingers.

I think the sheer enjoyment was in the fact that phil massacred the pile of bubble wrap, as oppose to hopping on it once or twice.

Believe me there’s plenty of the stuff to jump on it for hours and still have loads left for popping by hand!

But… peanuts? As packing? Never heard of that one. The best stuff is loads of little “S” shaped polystyrene bits. They go all over the place, but it’s great stuff…

Phil, just me

ha ha…another English vs. Americanish confusion.

Those little “S” shaped polystyrene bits that you speak of are called peanuts in US. They are usually called “packing peanuts”, actually. We also have little cheese-doodle shaped bits - they probably aren’t polystyrene, but the cool thing is, they dissolve in water! Not as cool as bubble wrap, but neat-o nonetheless.

Ah, that explains a lot! I was wondering… salted or plain? Hmmm… :slight_smile:

I dunno, I’m not really sure what they’re called here… I think I’ve only referred to them as “these funky polystyrene thingies”…

Phil, just me

scratches head I seem to have the same video for both unipop and uni3… is the link incorrect? I get “showing off” but no peanuts :frowning:

ah… ok now I see that the link IS incorrect, but if you type in unipop.avi then you do get that STUPENDOUS popping footage.

I meant to say plastic S shaped non-salted peanuts.

Ahh the fun that can be had with packing peanuts… Memories. The best porpose of these things I have found is to gather them up into large quantities (we had arround 5 cubic feet(Yeah thats ALOT)) Fill large boxes (box for a full sized fridge works well) Put peanuts in the box, then position the box in front of a freinds door( one that opens inward)such that the only thing keeping the peanuts in the box is the door. When your friend wakes up in the morning to go to class or leaves the office at the end of the day the will open their door to a avalanch of packing peanuts. The look on their face is priceless… I used to have this look on film, but it somehow got deleted in all the reformating I do :frowning:

ohh yeah and the things dont tast half bad either, ohh wait no they dont they are nasty as all get out!



that is hilarious,im still LMAO :smiley:

cough umm, yes, sorry… gues who just copied’n’pasted the bit below… clicking on the picture went to the right place, just not the text link. Fixed now…

<slinks away>

Phil, just me

defenetly need more threads like this

I wondered why so many people suffered problems, but I didn’t. I clicked on the picture.