New unicyle, duno wich ???


i’m looking for a new uni since my old one pretty much is shit, the pedal keeps falling of and such:o . But i dont really know what to get. I want something thats strong enough to jump of a foot or 2 and can also be used for some freestyle and has to be under de 200 bucks. I know i might be asking a lot but pleaz help me :sunglasses:

spankyou very much

I’d say Torker DX. Although that’ll be like $220 off ebay. That’s probably the best choice to meet your demands.

im not sure if you can get those in belgium though.

well under a foot and freestyle… i mean wot about a qu-ax trials / freestyle?

I mean the ones with the light isis cranks would do one foot no problem. Depends if you want to go for a freestyle 20" wheel or a 19" trials wheel. Seems to me like you want both… i guess a 19" trials would enable u to do both better…

and 200bucks so like £100, so only the qu-ax profi would fit that… unless you mean 200 euros in that case the qu-ax trials might fit.

yeah i was thinking about qu-ax profi but i wasnt sure if it was strong enough. i was also thinking about the cross qu-ax. Ohh and the torker dx can’t be found any where near belgium so that’s gona be hard.

nimbus x?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you my friend. Just as i am now. :smiley: :smiley:
Well my suggestions would be:

  • Torker DX or LX
  • Nimbus X
  • Qu-Ax

If you can find 1

  • previous versions of the KH. (It could happen)

Hoped this helped you in some way my friend and welcome to the forums. If you need any help. Feel free to ask me or anyone else, ok

Take care

how much do you weigh?

I’m a newish rider, but I bought a tough uni cause I weigh 200 lbs. If I was lighter, say under 100 lbs. I bet lot’s of cheaper uni’s would work better then my KH 24 for stuff I do. If only cause they are lighter and cheaper, and if that don’t break, be happy !

You might want to check the dutch forums for more information, there’s information regarding where to get your unicycles and what unicycles you should get, plus it’s just a nice community (most of the time haha)

There’s also some information on the main page about what unicycles are best

Thanks everyone for the help, Godam the uni people are just so friendly.
if everyone was like the uni people the world would be such a better place :smiley:
ohh euhm i weigh 60 kg so thats what 130pounds i think.
spankyou again:)

i weigh 145 pounds and ride a nimbus x. I love it, its a great uni, its freestyle but i use it for street and trials and its held up fine, so i recomend it

i wanna buy a new uni too, i tried ordering a KH 07 Model but on will not let me, i think becuz im out of the US? Not sure…:frowning:

well when you go to, click on which contry you are in, and dont lie, so they can ship it to you.

That works too

I think it has more to do with there being so few of us than anything else.

It shouldn’t make a difference whether or not you’re from the U.S. You can still get one somehow. BTW where are you from my friend. :smiley:

ok so i just bought my uni from and after long deliberation i went for the 20 Inch Cross Qu-ax with the nimbus gel saddle as option, I hope it doesn’t take to long to get here :roll_eyes:
Does anyone know whats the average amount of days for an order to get to your house

I’d say give it a week or so. You might get it sooner. :smiley: :smiley:

yeah i hope so, after al germany is right next to belgium so …:smiley: :smiley: