New unicyclist!!

Hello. I am a new unicyclist. Just happened one day, on the way to work.
I stopped in my LBS and walked out with a unicycle and my regular bike.
Its been about 3 weeks since then, and I can ride about 40 ft, and
yesterday I did my first free mount, rode for 5 feet and fell off. I’d
have to say, riding on one of those things is the coolest sensations. It
feels like floating on cotton candy.

    My friends are in amazement, as I kept it a secret until I could ride at
    least a little before revealing my new toy. I always wanted one of these
    things, and don't regret getting it at all.

    Now, when most of you guys were learning to ride, did you go through a
    time when you'd be able to ride 40ft a couple of times, then spend the
    next 20 minutes barely able to ride 5 ft? Its frustrating to fall into
    that rut, and just want someone to tell me its all part of the
    process. And one thing I've inferred: is being able to stop and turn
    around a central skill to the road of not falling off? I believe that
    in unicycling, every acceleration spurs unbalancing, so being able to
    stop and start going backwards is a central skill for stable riding.
    Am I right?

    Thanks, Ken