new unicyclist

If he could talk he would say this is the coolest thing papa ever bought him! I thought every kid needs a unicycle before being introduced to the lazy way of the tricycle :). Just doing my part to enlighten the younger generation to the finer things in life! I figure if he gets comfortable pushing it around he will eventually want to ride it.

That is the cutest thing I will see all day!:slight_smile:

he is pushing it up and down the hallway too! It’s pretty funny.

I met a unicycling family at the Australian UniNats. The youngest had learnt to unicycle before he rode a bike so clearly the “usual” order is not essential.

His dad said eventually learning the bike phased him a bit because he had to steer.

Kids want to do what they see others doing. He sees his dad riding one and that’s what he will want to try.

Love the colour-coordinated riders-jersey and uni colours. He’s got style!