New Unicyclist

Just the other day I saw someone uni cycling downtown, and I honestly thought it was the coolest thing EVER! I thought that I would like to learn to do it. So this is where you guys come in, I was wondering what kind of unicycle I should buy, where I should get it, and what wheel size etc.

If you guys have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated if you would help out a newbie like me :D!

I know everyone will have different opinions but most people say a 20" is easiest to learn on.
I got a 26" Torker LX off eBay for around $135 and learned on it in a couple of weeks. Beat it up pretty good but thats gonna happen with your first Uni.
Just get something you can afford, won’t mind scratching/dinging, and start rolling!
Best of luck!


I am also a newbie and I started out with a 20" Sun I bought for $119 and I have beat it up so far and the tire is almost worn out, not sure if that is normal because I don’t know many people who ride. I am on here for the same reasons, to get advice, pointers, and maybe some benchmarks at where I should be.

As Dartmech said your first uni will take a beating. With that in mind it makes sense to find a used uni, and sometimes you can find them dirt cheap. A nicer uni will have a more comfortable seat, but when you’re just starting out I don’t think that matters very much.

I started with a Schwinn that I picked up at a thrift store for $10. I see decent starter uni’s on Craigslist in the sub $50 range all of the time.

Things to look for:

Look for a frame with main cap style bearing holders. As far as I know Miyata and Pashley are the only uni’s with lollipop style holders worth any consideration.

Make sure that the seatpost is long enough for you to have good extension seated with the pedals at the bottom. It’s much easier to learn when the seat is high enough, and a lot of people seem to have it set too low.

Don’t get anything with a solid “airless” tire.

I also went to Dick’s sporting good store and spent $35.00 on a skateboarding pad kit that consisted of elbow, knee pad and wrist guards…I am so glad I did.

I bought my first uni from craigslist… a 24" cheapo.
In my opinion, going cheap at first is a good way to get started, learn about the sport and different options, and when you buy something better you’ll have a cheap uni in the garage to pass on to a friend who wants to learn.

Where do you live yakkity9? There might be some riders near you that would lend/sell you something.

I live in Barrie Ontario, I need to find one, not in a rush though.

Hey i like in hamilton ontario =D if you go to your local Norco dealer or bike shop for that matter you should be able to get your hands on a Norco 20" flat land unicycle, i think it lists out for $170 plus taxes, i have the Norco Muni and its okay, i have beaten the pulp out of ti and have bent my cranks from hopping but for a starter it works. Got mine at a bike shop via special order.

I’d recommend buying from

They have good prices, high quality products, and a huge variety of unicycles.