New unicyclist here!

Hi everyone!

I just started training with a unicycle couple of days ago. I’m 43yo and cycling (road and mtb) has been a hobby of mine for about three decades. Unicycling wasn’t something I had even thought about doing, but last week my cruiser bike got stolen, so I started looking at used bike ads online (hoping to catch the thief…) and saw a nice looking QU-AX Luxus 20" for sale. I thought to myself how hard can it be, and picked it up last Friday for 60€. :smiley:

It had a 200mm seatpost, which is a bit too short (even for me), but I started with it anyway. I did order a longer seatpost, it should arrive today. I’m hoping it’ll make the riding experience a bit less black and blue. :smiley:

Here’s a short compilation of the first hour of failing:

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting the video. Nice to see you’re using safety equipment, especially wrist guards. Good luck, and keep practicing!

Welcome to the wonderful world of one wheeling!

I find it both funny and sad at the same time how many people I hear about getting into unicycling because they had a bicycle stolen. I myself wouldn’t have gotten as into unicycling as I am had my bike not been taken. Both it and my first uni were chained together to a pole on my patio. The thief took the bike but left the uni, I took it as a sign and have not touched a bicycle in over a year now.

Keep up with the practice, your first hour looks better than my tenth!

You look good, and it brings up VERY old memories.

Our club uses 2 rows of NYC Police Do Not Cross saw horses, so you can reach one on either side to stay up. I learned between the wall and a pool table in my basement.

I now have maybe 12 hours of practice behind me, and I can stay on the bike about as long as my legs hold up. Which isn’t very long, as I still struggle to keep my weight on the saddle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately I’ve been mostly practicing free mount. My success rate at it is about 25-33%… when I get my left (non-dominant) foot off the ground and on to the pedal I tend to just get stuck with the cranks pointing straight up and down. Most of the time I end up doing a roll-back mount, in which I have way too much weight on my right foot, which often causes a very sudden turn to the right followed by lots of arm waving. :astonished: :smiley:

Unicycling is definitely great fun! I’ve even ventured off the pavement a couple of times (intentionally!), and quickly realized that anything rougher than fine gravel is too much for the 20" Luxus. So I ordered a 24" Nimbus MUni today. :slight_smile:

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