New server on the way.

I was wondering about the new server: after learning that all the needed money had been donated I have seen no news about acquisition/installation of a new server. I would like to hear from Gilby how it went, how it’s working, (my personal usage is minor and I can’t tell if things are faster), and how happy he is with it.

Those who donated get priority response and the upgrade benefits of the new server. The new server is lighting fast, the 3D avatar holograms are amazing, and interactive video posts threads are really exciting. It’s all fantastic. :slight_smile:

There were some problems getting the OS on the new server configured correctly which caused some delays, along with NAUCC and UNICON preventing me from getting things up and transferred. is not on the new server yet, but my plan is to get it all transferred in the next few days. With the new server will come a lot of software upgrades so I have to test things out to make sure the configuration of everything is set up right.


That explains it. Thanks.

Although I donated only, I think it was $20 or so, I was wondering :slight_smile: