new unicycling video!!

hey all. im in the process of making a 30 minute streetriding unicycling video. as im guessing its gonna be mostly unicyclists who buy it, i was wondering what you’d like to see in it? big drops, grinding ledges, gaps, handrails? how about some nice bails? (i can get a lot of those hehe) it’ll most likely be out around the end of this coming summer and hopefully a trailor before the summer. so any suggestions for the vid would be great. and its gonna be called “monkeylamp”. (dont ask how we came up with it) theres gonna be about 5 riders in it probably.
so please give me any advice you have! oh and its gonna be probably 20-30$ canadian… so i think thats approx. 14-20$ american.
lates, Kevin

oh and also for the soundtrack. i dont want to get into any trouble for using stuff without rights, so anyone you can think of who might be able to let me use their songs for free would be good. bye everyone, Kevin

stuff we’ve never seen before,
stuff no-one else is doing?
actualy, a good street/freestyle video would be realy nice.
theres only so many times you can watch a video of a pedal grab.

as for music, you can probably find some stuff released under an open content type licence if you look for it. you may not have heard but these days not everybody wants to retain the rights on their material for monetary gain

mabe if you find a track you like on you can ask the band for permission to use it for free.

Re: new unicycling video!!

How did you come up with that?

About the soundtrack for the video:

Would it be possible (and I don’t know if you even had the intention of doing so, but if you did) to not use generic punk songs? I was a little dismayed to find this to be the predominate genre in Universe; moreso being annoyed becuase it seems everyone and their dog doing some form of self-filmed, extremish sport video uses punk music (snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.). I think the creators of the video should choose music they really enjoy (and of course, if punk music is what you’re into, then by all means put it in).

I was really impressed by a few sections in a skateboarding video featuring Rodney Mullen (and others). There was a section of good length where they were skating to a beautiful classical piece (it may have been Fur Elise, I’m not too sure). I was impressed that it souded and looked good and that they had chosen something unothodox.

Anyhow, that’s just me, my two cents and my view from the soapbox.


haha… thanks for respecting my request not to ask why? haha. anyways. if you want the story then fine. well i was in school aand we were laughing about monkeys during math class so they were on my mind at the time. andrew (hes gonna be in the vid too) asked me what we were gonna call the video. so naturally i thought something to do with a monkey, and then i looked to my right and saw a lamp and was like “MONKEYLAMP!!!” and so it is… the story of how the title came to be. keep the advice coming!! Kevin

Re: Re: new unicycling video!!

Harper, weren’t you reading?!? You weren’t supposed to ask that!

sigh Now you’ve gone and ruined everything…


what about the soundtrack to “one wheelno limit”?
,now i’m not into punk much myself, but after hearing the music from “onewheel no limit” give me gwar or burzum anyday.

michaeli, its true, he did ruin everything. not really. but yeaj, i do listen to a lot of punk, but we’re going to try to put in a lot of different genres, but we need to find those bands who will let us use their songs for free. oh, and i promise you! there will be footage of me hopping a whole 9 set in one hohp! if there isnt one then i will pay everyones shipping! (and no i havent done it yet) please continue making suggestions. this vids for you guys so tell me what you want. lates, Kevin

an what, do you find so amusing about monkeys?

mind you though,
i’d love a shrunken monkey head, who wouldn’t?

Itd be cool to see a wide variety of skills and tricks, stick em all in!
The more the better.

I would like to put in my request to have a SKA theme for the sound track. Also it would be very nice to have the video available on DVD for all of use with out access to a VCR.

Of course some bad A$$ riding, falling, and stunts would be nice too.


gotcha speeedyj. im going to put in as much as i can. and im working on kind of a new style. kind of freestyle and street mixed. doing tricks down sets, 180ing into grinds and 180ing out. grabs, some new ones that im working on. im hoping this style will take off and there will be some street competitions at the conventions. much like skateboarding comps. dan heaton demosntrates what im trying to do pretty well in universe. lates, Kevin

yo daino, SKAs not a bad idea! i very much like the style of it. do you have any suggestions for the bands i might be able to use? thanks, Kevin

And sorry for my numerous posts in a row, but im getting a little over excited for how many replies im getting! hehe:D

what kind of surface did you learn to grind on? and do you use a diferent grind-side pedal like danheaton does or a grind guard of any description?
i’m trying to get my grinds solid but its not happening overnight.

nothing different than what came on my uni. they are just wellgo pedals and they seem to work fine for me. my first grind was on a waxed ledge about a foot and a half above the ground and im working on handrails right now and have almost got them down. they’ll be ready for the video for sure!! Kevin

are you grinding on the bearing case or just the pedal.
i can sometimes grind about a meter down a sloped rail and land
i’m grinding on the bearing case and i have a g-sport gland on my profile hub.
i’ve been tempted to try a diferent pedal to grind on but i havent done it yet.

when on a straight ledge i grind with the bearing case as well as the pedals, but when going down a handrail or a slanted ledge, i use only the pedal. it seems to keep the uni more vertical and less slanted for better balance. and if you need to keep a discussion about grinding going, could you start a new thread? cause id like this one to be just for the video advice. thanks bud, Kevin


hey tuggy its justin ,

go for what ever you can accomplish!!!
and give a discount :wink:


Hmmmm… what SKA bands to use? Good question

For starters I like Dance Hall Crashers, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Golfinger, MxPx, and Save Ferris. I don’t know what kinds of problems you might run into if you tried to use any of their music in you vid.

Personally, I don’t have any problems with using Punk music in these types of videos. I know that it may be overdone, but personally I think punk just fits.

Lately I have taken a liking to a band called Flogging Molly. They are an Irish folk punk band. You should check them out and see if you could work a track into the video.

Good luck and may the power of SKA be with you.