New Unicycling group

Well, it has come to the point where I have found other unicyclists in my area, and we have all decided to start a group.

The name?

Single Wheeled Attack Team

thats right, SWAT

We will be putting out a video sometime next month, as we are in the process of shooting it (and it has been raining lately :frowning: ).

Just thought I’d tell you guys, and you have to admit, thats a cool name! :smiley:

may I ask where in PA? maybe Im in the neighborhood. good job with the group. I dont have anyone to ride with. Im the only one in my town of 5000

Sux With Another Tire works too.:smiley:

Well, most of the members live like a few miles outside of Philadelphia in Ridley Township. A couple members live in philly.

Heh, thats pretty good too. We actually sat for a few hours trying to come up with it.

Single Wheeled Attack Team; subtitle Sux With Another Tire.


You skipped over the most obvious name!

but I will forgive you this time.

Single Wheel A-Team


I pity da foo who dont drink his milk and ride his unicycle!!!

Heh, thats a pretty good one as well.

If only Mr. T were here, challenging any and all fools to a race around the world in modified A-Team vans that now have 1 wheel.

Very brave of you to introduce to the community your new presence. what will the mighty hell on wheel have to say about SWAT being around to quell unicycle gang wars and riots???

::cough::Is this digitalattrition someone I know?::cough::


They’ll be like “Hey, let’s join forces and rule the earth together.”

And then Kris Holm and Ryan Atkins will be like “Yea, we’re in”

And so would John Foss and Dan Heaton and Kevin McMullin.

And then we would take over the UNIverse! And all multiverses in between!

I apologize for the pun.

No kevin, you do not know me…except that you do…

any input from a HOW member?

best bounce this off Dave Walters and that PACO bloke before u get in over your heads…

On the ruling the world thing, I think the Thunderwheels have you beat.

Thunderwheels suck. They also pad thier ranks with people (such as myself) who had no desire to join.

And yet they won’t accept me.

Really? My friend inquired about the group and they took that as permission to add him, myself and another rider to the group.

Me and Nick D. from SWAT are pretty cool with several members of HOW. I don’t think there will be any issues, and joint-gang rides are a possibility.

Kev man, you need to get down here so we can film!