new unicycler

hello. i am 16 and new to the world of unicycles. i want to purchase one and i need some suggestions from experienced people. i am about 140-150 pounds and about 5 7. i am looking for something that is not too flashy or expensive. i want it to be not too easy or hard. just a basic model. any help?

Unicycles are nice in that there’s not much to them, so a little over $100 buys you plenty (I’ve never ridden a sub $100 unicycle). The Schwinn 20" or 24" are good choices (I learned on a 20" Schwinn myself), as is the Semcycle XL. All quite affordable. There’s surely others.

This is probably a pretty common question too, might try searching the forums.

i bought a 24" SUN unicycle off of ebay for $70 total. ill tell you how it is when i get it

In the $100 price range the Torker LX 20" or 24" are great value/price unicycles. These uni’s can be found on eBay too; but by the time you pay the typically excessive eBay seller’s shipping, the price is comparable to’s price; and with you will actually get service in case something is wrong with the uni.

my first uni was a DM ringmaster, its a real nice ride and i swear that thing is indestructable, well untill i strted to venture into trials…

I vote for the 20" Torker LX. $96. Great beginner unicycle. A lot of people will say so too.

The Torker LX.
Torker’s $100 unicycles are far and away better than any of the other sub $100 unicycles. The Torker LX is a very good beginner to intermediate level freestyle unicycle.

I don’t know about seatpost length for someone 5ft 7in. Someone else may know. Just don’t get a seatpost that is going to be too short. You can always cut a seatpost that is too long and make it shorter. You can’t do the reverse for one that is too short.

The seatpost will be long enough; might be a bit too long. If too long it can be easily cut shorter with a hacksaw or a pipecutter (and the edges of the cut may need to be smothed with a file or grinder). Just don’t cut it too short.

Buy one that has plastic pedals and the most comfortable seat you can find, and go for a 24" wheel.

Non plastic pedals and you’ll reap the rewards of it cutting your leg should your foot slip.

Uncomfortable seat you’ll be wishing that it wasn’t such a pain in the a***e and once you can ride it you’ll still have a uni that’s useful to you.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet, it’ll make you braver and you’ll learn quicker!

Good luck and practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and keep trying different things you’ll be riding in no time.


If you goto:

You will see the Torker Unis.

I bought a brand new in the box 24" CX
for $50+$20 shipping=$70 off eBay.

I’m a little over 6" tall. I really like it as a learner (I’m still a rookie). It fits me fine. The seat is a little uncomfortable, but since I can only ride about 2 mins at a time it is okay.

If I knew I what I knew know, I would have gotten the 24" DX, but it really doesn’t matter. The hobby is pretty cheap to enter into.



Is it even possible for “comfortable” and “affordable” to go together in unicycle seats? I’ve just accepted the fact that unicycle seats are painful. What constitutes a comfortable and affordable unicycle seat?

I believe that you’re justified in getting a good seat, you’ll get more enjoyment and learn quicker, sitting down is essential to making it easy at the start to ride.

KH seat here in UK is what 34 quid? For a hobby that you enjoy it’s money well spent.


Ditto on the comfortable seat. I like my old Schwinn, I loan it out to new riders and it doesn’t get broken. Get a 9mm socket wrench while you are in a money spending mood, it is important to keep your cranks tight.