New unicycle!!

I`m going to buy a new unicycle and i need help!

which frame and hub should i buy??
The frame must match green rim and green seat post clamps.

You could get a frame and PC it green you
would probly get a better match and i would recemend
a nimbus or Kriss Holm ISIS hub! :slight_smile:

AKA Powdercoat :wink: .

The Black Domina looks great with fluo green details!
And I haven’t seen a Kris Holm frame with green details yet! I bet that that would look good! :wink:

What is ISIS??

This is ISIS. Something that the big producers slowly are getting more and more into, so that cranks should fit all by one standard.

What riding are you into? Freestyle, Flat, Street, Trails, Muni, XC Muni, Corkering… ect

EDIT: and how much money are you willing to spend?

As above^^

It is a stronger method of connecting the cranks to the hub (center part of wheel), than the pictured ‘‘tapered square’’, which is standard on most begginer unicycles.

I`m riding street,flat.

I know what i`m going to buy but not the frame and the hub.

The frame MUST match green seat post clamp and green rim

can i use Koxx ISIS CrMo hollow cranks with a Q-Factor with 135mm on all unicycles??

No, as a matter of fact you can’t. K1 are the bad ones when it comes to this, so their “ISIS” isn’t as the ISIS on the image that I posted earlier.

And, it’s hard to say what color scheme that you will like, so you will have to say something about that too. Do you think that you would like black and green? Maybe. Do you think that you will like pink and green? I hope not(!).
My point is, YOU are the one that’s deciding the colors, not us. Tell us what color you want on your frame and we will give you some more advices.

err no probably not, koxx isis is slightly different for some reason, so you would need a koxx hub too.

Here are some of your choices.

I think the koxx one white russian frame (or any white frame) goes nicely with green but I don’t know where you can get it in America, if that’s where you are.

And a white tyre…

I want green and black:)

Good! Then you can surely go for the Black Domina frame, or just a Devil Frame. The Black Domina is primaly based for flat I think, while Devil is a street based frame. Now you pick one :wink:

I though that if you want the Black Domina, the Alien Backflip frame just looks insane! (They also have a white version of this frame, if you might want that)

which devil frame??

The black one?

four of them are black!

gold devil
Devil white widow
devil blue berry
devil black

can you take a look at these unicycles and pick one?

Those are complete unicycles, not frames by it self. They all have the same frame (Devil Black) with different stickers :slight_smile:

Renegade juggling is the north american koxx dealer. Go to their website, they carry all the koxx products or could probably get them in stock. Calling is better if they don’t have exactly what you want because they might just actually have it, but its not on their page.