New unicycle

Here is my new uni.

Nimbus Rounded Crown frame
Torker CX Wheelset
Plastic pedals
Quax comfort saddle with yellow bumper and handle


What are you going to use it for? IMO not much good for anyting other than learning.

im going to use it for just cruising around and wheel walking.

IMO should have gone for a flat crown, so many more options, and maybee a 24, 20 is kind of slow.

yea if i was going cheap i’d just get a 24 LX.

nope ive already got a 24". and flatcrown I can just hop on my Trials uni.

And why can’t you do that on your 24" unicycle or 20" trials unicycle?

You could except im only 4’ 11" so WW is hard on a 24" and the 24" is not mine its my parents and I can just ride it whn i want but its not mine so I wanted a 20". And man whats the matter with having a collection.

Nothing at all - most of us forum regulars have them :slight_smile:

Also, the skills and experience of building up another unicycle, bending the frame, etc will be useful for future purposes too.

IMO you should have saved your money and bought something different. You will be able to do everything and more on your other uni compared to that. If you want something to just ride around on why get a 20"? If you want to practice wwing why get a uni with a rounded crown frame and without a nice tyre for wwing?

I support any person’s right to have a unicycle collection. I’ve got one myself. And to know for themselves what the best next unicycle is. It’s lovely.

Thank you.

Plus, having a spare uni to lend is good when you’re trying to get your friends to learn so you can have more riding buddies!

I like the yellow. When I started, all you could get was Chrome. Have lots of fun on it. It will help catch people’s eyes and people will enjoy watching you on the cool machine.

Good Choice, Isaac!

Nice :smiley:

Thank you