new unicycle!

Just got my new torker dx 24" here’s some pictures of me in maryland.

Wow, thats awesome… I remember that there was a thread like this a while ago, and everyone was like “I have a unicycle too!”
But really, you look like an awesome rider!

you have such an awesome place to ride in. and a spiffy new unicycle too!

Nice yike. Nice photos, too.

spiffy, nice lighting ,good focus a 5* photo

We share two similarities.

Our pants don’t go down to our shoes when we ride, and I am buying a 24" Torker DX soon.

that actually wasn’t my local riding spots. I drove for a few hours to maryland because my sister was doing college stuff and I decided to take my uni.

Dude! Nice photos, and PLEASE get in touch with me next time you come down. I live right outside of DC and would like to ride given the chance.

you have really cool places to ride and looks like your havin fun with your new uni:)

it’s taking me a while to get used to the bigger wheel. having to work a little bit harder to hop. but the tire is so nice. it’s a 2.5 and I’m used to a freestyle tire 1.95 or something and it always folds in the middle of going down flights of steps. but now i can ride with 15-20 pounds of air pressure and not worry about pinching a flat or folding the tire!

Yeah I have a nimbus 24 and I find it helps to pust down and spring up when hopping. also do you use it 4 muni? :thinking:

sweet pics man, you look like a pretty awesome rider. Nice place you got there too… although abit too sunny for me !

I already have a 24" nimbus muni and i was going to buy a 20" trials for street riding.

I have noticed that many people are doing street riding on 24" wheels so I think i’ll stick with my muni for street.

(anyone who uses a 24" for street please reply)

…by the way, nice new uni!


yea it’s great for muni, a little bit heavy for me since I’m not as strong as some but once i went back to my old freestyle uni (20’’) it felt so out of control.

anybody else have this unicycle that would like to share thoughts about this unicycle?

not meaning to ofend you but i cant quite tell wheter you are male or female
No offence ment ,i just can seem to tell(and this will help me not make an arse out of myself later)

did you not look at the photos of him? :thinking:

lol why does it matter… and surely its not hard with the pictures???