New Unicycle.

Thanks for the replys.
James, I ride freestyle mostly. I do like to ride trails sometimes, but
not enough that I would consider a trail uni. If I had a better uni, I
would not chance something like I would have with my Savage, which
needed to be put down anyway…
Tylercox, I was looking to buy a Neon I saw today… Haha. I think I
will be getting the Nimbus X soon, if no one has anything else for me
to consider.
Also, where do you all recommend ordering from online?
Thanks alot,

Great_Yankee_Mike of course.

The Nimbus X would be a good freestyle unicycle, but some of the higher end Semcycles and Miyatas would be great too.

UDC also has other stores in the UK, NZ and Sweden depending on where you live.

you can also get unicycles at which has German and UK stores and Bedford Unicycles, which is located in Canada.