New Unicycle.

Hey everyone,
I’ve been riding for about two years on my Savage 20 inch, on and
off, and tacoed the rim on a 3foot drop. Since I need a new one, I’ve
decided to take some of my ‘get a car’ fund, and put it into geting a
unicycle… I was hoping to find a freestyle uni, around 200 dollars. I
was looking at the Nimbus X 20-inch. I’m level 3-4. Anyone have any
suggestions for me?
Thanks Alot,


I have a 20 inch Nimbus X myself as my main freestyle uni and I love it! Compared to a Savage it is like comparing a Dodge Neon to a Ferrari. Even compared to the Semcycle and the Nimbus II and even some of the lower end Miyatas it is way better. Definitely very good price and a VERY good unicycle. I’m level 5.5 (level 4 officially, but I can do level 5 and part of 6) and I haven’t hurt mine at all other than I bent a crank after I went off a small drop and landed right on the crank arm. I definitely reccomend it!!! :smiley:

Tyler, i wouldnt put it like that, your uni is not top of the line.

Prehaps if you have a uni like Dikies TI uni, you could say that, but other wise your wrong.

that was not a very productive post. clearly Tyler’s unicycle has done wonders for him, and he’s a level five rider. G_Y_M is a level 3-4 rider, so Tyler thinks the Nimbus X will work well for him.

Great_Yankee_Mike: if you broke your unicycle on a three foot drop, does that mean you’ll be doing trials mostly? because you definitely don’t want a freestyle uni for that… what kind of riding will you be doing?

I mostly ride trials, and I bought a QUAX 20" trial unicycle this spring (or actually winter), and it did wonders. Both my trial skills and my freestyle skills (which are not too impressive) went much better. Now it is me and not my unicycle that borders the upper limit. Let it be stated that I am level 4, but do many level 5&6 tricks.

Whatever you like to do, get yourself a unicycle that suits you (what a poethic and nice rhyme that was)! You will, at least if you are a little alike me, feel the difference