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I think that it is once again time to get a third unicycle…
I either want a Coker or a MUni. If I get a MUni, I’m going to get the black KH24. The problem is, I doubt I’ll use it very much. I don’t often get the chance to Mountain Unicycle, so I don’t think it would be worth getting. I will get a MUni eventually, of course.
I want a Coker because I often ride my unicycle around town, and a 20 inch isn’t very good for that.

Which one would be worth the money to me?

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A quick resfresher. What are your other two unicycles?

Well, I only have one working unicycle right now. It’s a KH20" Trials. My other unicycle was my first one, which is a 20" Savage. It’s broken right now, and I would never use it so I doubt I’ll get it fixed any time soon.

I would really encourage you to try to find one you could ride before jumping from a 20" to a Coker. I have a Summit and a KH24 and can’t believe how much harder the 24" is to ride after getting used to the 20". If you go with the 24" with a 3" tire you will be amazed at the difference. It would be big enough to travel faster, and small enough to still manuver around town. If you put the KH20 cranks on the KH24 you would get even more speed from the KH24. Just some things to think about.

I will eventually get a Coker, but there will have to be a place for me to ride it before I get it. Right now, I have nothing but roads that I wouldn’t ride a bike on, so a fast moving Coker would be sure death! As more and more multi use trail are built around here, my choices for riding may increase and I would then be willing to get a Coker. In spite of what some think I really do put a lot of value on my health and life.:smiley:

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Cokers are great for that. I’d get the coker. If you said that you’d muni alot, then you’d have a tougher decision.

Don’t worry about the difficulty in adjusting to different size wheels and cranks. After a while you can jump on any of your different size unis without any adjustment what-so-ever.


I would go for the muni as 24" are pretty quick not as fast as a coker true but cokers are no way as good for tech muni. If you look closer I am sure there would be a few good trails around you you just have to look.

My friend has a 29er, and I can ride that quite well. So it wouldn’t be tooo much harder to go to a Coker, would it?
I think I might get the MUni, though. It’s perdier, and it still goes faster than a 20".

I never saw the transistion from a more typical size wheel (24" in my case) to the coker to be a big deal at all. Once you’re on it, it feels 99% the same. Sure, turning and such is a little different, but not much. Mounting is quite different however.

At the local uni meet I rode a 29" with 89mm cranks now that was really strange but once I got on I was “ok” still it felt strange mind you I have only ever riden a 20" with 122’s and a pashley for like 5 mins.
Yeah go for the muni like I said the KH trials needs his big bro lol.

Get the MUni, Potts.

Yeah, I think I’ll get the MUni.
How hard is it to do Trials on a KH24? Just curious, even though I’ll still use my KH20 for that.

One more question:
You can upgrade to the Gazzaloddi tire for $55, right? My oh so brilliant idea is to buy the Gazza SEPERATELY for $59, then I’ll have TWO tires in case one pops or whatever!
BUT do I need to buy anything else with the Gazza like a tube or rim, or do those come already on the Duro Widlife tire?

You would have everything you need if you buy the Gazz seperate. Just pull one off and put the other on. I did the same with the fireball, since I like the smooth ride on the street.

Good for you. I would recommed the Muni for you too. Seeing your skills on a Trials, I’d say you’ll be doing just about the same things on the 24", plus riding a bit faster.

I hate to burst your bubble, but it only takes an IQ of 17 to see that “brilliant idea”. :slight_smile: By all means, buy the Gazz as a second tire.

BTW, I am going the other way. I rode a 24" Schwinn for 30 years, I got a KHfrankYuni24" Muni, then the custom SHjag29er. Finally, today, I arranged to purchase a 20" Summit Trials. Yippeee! This old man is getting a trials uni. --chirokid–

Well, I know, but I still think it’s a pretty brilliant idea… :smiley:

Just giving you a hard time James, it is a great idea. Let us all know how you enjoy your new ride. --chirokid–

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I already have a nice MUni, and after trying Ken’s (Gizmoduck’s) Coker I am convinced that I want one. Cokers are awesome! They are huge, and feel unlike any other unicycle I have tried. MUnicycles are good too, but only you can decide if you would use it or not, and if it would be worth getting. I like riding my MUni around town, apart from when it gets confiscated. If you are not interested in going offroad much, and you love high speed unicycling, then definitely go with the Coker. You can use your KH20 for trials type stuff and abusive riding. I would love to get a Hunter Coker frame, and one of those strongest Coker wheels by U-turn, but I probably won’t be able to afford one for years unless I get a job.

Yeah that is a great idea. I don’t know why doesn’t just throw in the spare Duro tire for the price of that upgrade, it’s rediculous. Chirokid, James (appparently) has a high IQ and he upgraded to the Gazzaloddi tire without getting the Duro too. Not only that, but he sold his KH24 recently for about half the price he paid for it, having hardly ever used it. I don’t think IQ has much to do with how smart someone is!

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Ummm… I did?