New Unicycle

Check out the trials unicycle I finished building!

Nice… Cool video too.

I don’t see very many people hop away from their free hand. Do you hop seat out like that too?

Yep! I’ve always hopped to that side, though I know I need to change that. The question is, should I keep the same handling and hop to the left instead, or should I keep hopping to the right and just switch my hands instead?

I’ll do this Hasmat style.

  1. So what happens if you miss a jump? Do you fall on your back?
  2. I’ve tried both. I like being able to switch hands instead of having to turn around to go the other way. I’m a little bit stronger with my right hand on the seat and right foot forward.

Just curious on what rim that is?? Haven’t seen a drilled red trials rim before

aarons: Because I’ve always hopped to the right, with my left foot forward and my right hand on the seat, I have more control and height that way. I guess I should really be asking, what is the ideal hop? Example: Hoping to the left with the left foot forward and right hand on the seat.

rockjunkie15: That is a Koxx One rim and it’s actually pink, but the camera seems to always make it look red. :-/ I bought it here:

Gopro + Hague MMC/Lensse steadicam = awsome street/trials shooting rig.

@Jacob Young - Yes, it really is a great setup. And I just bought a polarized filter and an external mic, so I’ll be taking my GoPro to it’s max!

I’ve got the Gopro bug too. It may not be the best camera for being artistic etc. but for slinging in your bag for impromptue (spelling?) filming a Gopro is by far the best.
I’m going to take mine to my local club this week - hope people are ok with me filming them :roll_eyes: