new unicycle wheel size. (suggest to kris holm)

I was thinking over the weekend and everyone’s been asking about trials on a 24’’ wheel and muni on a 20’’. so why not make a 22’’ wheel? you could do alot of trials on it, some freestyle and street, but still be faster than a trials. and you could do muni. I think it would be awesome if kris holm made one.

but then he would have to make custom rims, and the cost would be rediculous. unicycles are like bikes, for the different disciplines you need different bikes. but some bikes have a little bit of crossover in the skill department, but each one is best at what its made for. instead, kris should start making 26" unicycles.

Better still, why not make a wheel whose size you can adsjust by turning a bright shiny knob? Wouldn’t that be rocking? I think Kris Holm should get right on it!

or you could just buy a 26’’ wheel and put it on a 29’’ frame.

Making rims might be possible, making 22" tyres wouldn’t, rims can be individually fabricated but tyres need exspensive moulds. You can do all those things on either a 20" or 24" uni, just not very well. A 22" would just be a compromise in that it wouldn’t be really good at either muni or trials/street.

yea, but if it comes manufactured like that, it’s a lot cheaper. to build up a kh 26" it costs like 600-700 without the brake. so i just bought a koxx instead.

He already is - the KH-Schlumpf hub will have shiny buttons. Probably even in different colours :slight_smile:

also, a 22" wheel wouldnt be as good for street/trials, or as good for muni.

well i dont think we would know how good a 22" would be for anything, maybe it would be great for street, but the fact is, between 20" and 24" there are only 4inches. That isnt much difference,

I’m not saying theres no difference between a 20" and a 24" uni, but i’m saying that there are allready loads of sizes, i mean 16"-19"-20"-24"-26"-29"-36" and i’ve seen 48"

so the point is, would 2" make that much difference? it would be a really slow muni, since munis are 24"-26"-29" and actually probably quite good at trials if they got nice tyres (which would cost a fortune to make…)

The point is that, i would say 24" is the middle mark between trials and muni. alot of people are using 24" to do trials and i’ve seen them do quite impressive stuff.

Unicycling isnt big enough to have THAT many different wheel sizes… i’m still amazed every day at how much unicycling gear is on sale!

I think a 22’’ would be great for street. Imagine with just that little bit of extra speed how many more stairs you could gap.

Use shorter cranks. Hence the KH 137mm instead of the 140mm they used to make.

a cunning plan !

personally i dont think it would be worth it, its too close to the other sizes and wouldnt really make a difference, just a waste of money

i would rather have a really good trials unicycle (20") and a really good muni (24"), rather than have something that isnt that great for both.

well what if you didn’t have a whole lot of money to blow and you couldn’t decide which wheel size to get?

Most of the time people suggest getting a 24" MUni for both MUni and trials.

that’s only because a 22’’ unicycle hasn’t been introduced!

I agree, I would love a 22" wheel, i don’t like the 20" size because it seems SO small. The 24" is too big and clumsy… don’t they make 21" bike tires

let me put it this way, tires are measured outer diamiter… so a 20" wheel sits on a 16" rim… so if you added the 2" to the tire thats 6.2" extra per pedal, that makes a noticable speed difference. you could have bouncier tires too!.. and the weight of 6" more of tire/ rim probably adds up to 2oz… not even noticable.

i do think it is unreasonable to produce them as of now, but if it got mainstream it would be my dream uni :slight_smile:

it would just make another reason for people to post “which uni should i get” threads.

well we can all dream but i dotn think it will happen somehow…