New Unicycle Torker vs Pashley

Hi im getting my first unicycle, and i was interested in Muni. I am looking at gettting a pashely 26 standard Muni or the Torker Dx 24. I am wondering which uni would be a better one to learn on. thanks for the help

the 06 torker 24" is really nice I say you go with that… but it depends what type of Muni your looking at… a 24" wheel is stronger and better for technical rides a 26" is better for speed and cross country…

The Torker is WAY stronger. I’ve done 5 foot drops on it.

I wouldn’t do any drops over like…12 inches on the Pashley (although I’ve never ridden it)

But for a first unicycle, you might not want the DX, it is heavier, etc. and you mioght not need the strength…

I see that the torker is stronger because of the splined hub, but what about learning to ride, i have never ridden a uni before so im not too worried about drops yet lol.

Yeah, thats what I suspected…

Um, a 24"is easier to learn to ride, but the pashley is lighter, not as bulky, stuff like that.

Maybe you should look past the Torker DX and the pashley. Get a Torker LX to learn on perhaps? Unless you want to get straight to technical muni, an LX with a slightly more aggresive tire would be fine for light muni.

I do not recomend the pashley at all, it is an old model and overpriced. You can get much better unicycles IMHO for a better price.

The Pashley is strong but heavy. Big problem with Pashleys: they use a different sort of of bearing holder. Removing the wheel can be a pain, and upgrading the wheel even more so.

I have done many hundreds of hard miles on my Pashley, but I will never buy another.

Okay, I didn’t know they were that heavy.

I think your best bet might, if not the Torker DX, be the Nimbus Muni from At first, for learning, you might want to switch out the tire for a less aggressive, lighter one, then switch it back later.

Pashleys are old as the street.

I got my Torker Dx 24 inch today!!! It is soooo different than the pictures. I dont understand why they make the seat post so long.