New Unicycle T-Shirts - "Kris Holm Lightning"

This new t-shirt from ( Denmark) will be avalible at UNICON!

I hope all of you will be able to go to UNICON, but if not you will still be able to buy the t-shirt at AFTER UNICON.

Please let me know what you think of the design.

Lars Lottrup - Denmark

Looks awesome!

I just don’t like the boldness of the uni… Looks like its popping out of the shirt, and with the lightning in front of it, it doesn’t look as attractive as it could. It would be cool if the uni had clouds with a bit of transparancy in front of it.

Its awesome though.

I’ll take one… See you in Copenhagen my friend!

hey, I went on Denmark and then typed the cost of a koxx blueberry into currency Calculator, it says it is less than a dollar, that can’t be right, can it?

it can

seriously, because if it was I would buy it but because it is in Danish I can’t read it…

2.599 DKK = 0.544034 USD

What a deal.:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit they uses a period instide of a comma so it is actually 2,599.00 DKK = 544.233 USD


i dont know why but i cant take this shirt seriously. its like it is trying to be a heavy metal shirt but somthing about it just aint doing it for me…
good work though

It’s a nice bit of graphics but I wouldn’t buy it. It just seems a little over the top. It’s just like a heavy metal T-shirt (again somehing that I wouldn’t buy).

I would much prefer a t-shirt like the avatar of 1wheelwonder (the green ipod style graphic)