New! Unicycle T-Shirts - "Keepin' It Wheel"

I just started screen printing (today). Here is my first design. I’m selling the shirts for $15 plus shipping. I currently have ink in black, red, and yellow. I can print the design on any color/size T-shirt. If you want it on something other than a T-shirt, let me know and I’ll come up with a reasonable price for the item. Send PayPal to, and make sure you have the right shipping address. In the comments, include your size, shirt color, and ink color preferences. If I have enough people interested in other ink colors, I’ll buy them. The set up cost was kinda steep, so I’m hoping to sell enough to at least cover my supplies! Thanks for looking, and I’ll be adding more designs shortly!


Looks awesome, are you able to ship to the UK?

yep yep

wat he said =]

How much will shipping to the UK cost?

NIce T-Shirt, too bad I’m Dirt Poor and even if I wasn’t I’m too cheap to buy it…

Yeah, I can ship anywhere.

The only shipping quote I could get was from the United States Postal Service, I rounded the weight of the shirt and envelope up to 1 lb (.45 kg) which is a pretty safe over-estimate because my medium size shirt weighed only 7 ounces (.2 kg). The shipping quote was $10.40. The envelopes cost under $2. That brings the grand total for my estimate to $27.40 shipped, but I over-estimated everything to be safe. I think the best way to do it would be to PM me with your full shipping address, size, ink color, and shirt color. Once you’ve comitted to buy, I will make the shirt and pack it and let you know the grand total before I send it out, that way you can PayPal me the exact amount.

For any other countries, visit this link and enter your country. Select envelope, and enter 1 pound for the weight. Add $2 for the envelope and that should give you a good estimate as to how much it would cost for me to ship it to you.

In reality, I think it would cost less than the shirts from Zazzle.

Thats a cool tshirt…I like the colour.

What kinda price can you get for hoodies?

Also can you split the graphics up, like font on front and the uni on the back(kinda offset to the side and bottom)?

Yeah, I can do pretty much anything with the design. Hoodie’s shouldn’t be too expensive…I just gotta find a plain hoody. Dunno if anywhere is selling them this time of year though.

Looks like you got yourself some good business here, ill certainly be investing :smiley: has the best prices.
You can get 1 single t-shirt for like 2.50. It’s amazing how cheap they are there.

i might want a red hoodie

Thanks! Right now I don’t have enough potential customers to order a bunch of shirts…they aren’t too expensive at Wal*Mart, and they have good quality Fruit of the Loom T-shirts.

I only checked at Wal*Mart today…they have Dickies zip up pocket hoodies in black or navy with a gray lining. I can get you one of those for $35 plus shipping. If you can find a better hoody, I’ll screen print it for $10 if you pay shipping here and back. I can probably find some better hoodies, I just haven’t looked really.!!
You don’t have to order a bunch of shirts from there, but the shipping I guess does add to the cost a bit.
They have them there for under 10 dollars in blank colors.

Awesome! Thanks.

Shipping’s like $9 though…so I’d have to have a few orders before I wanted to order the shirts/jackets/whatever. As of yet, no customers.

Maybe cos there’s been no hard confirmation of what you can/will get :thinking:

Ill buy ill have a hoody because england is cold lol

I can do any color/size of T-shirt and any color/size of hoody. I have ink in black, yellow, and red.

Kinda like this? I just did this on an old undershirt, just playin’ around with the design.