New Unicycle T-Shirt Design!

Hey, we’ve got a new unicycle t-shirt! check it out! feedback is apprecaited. thanks!


Not very good IMO.

UDC has much better ones.

My favorite Uni shirts are the Bedford Pro Riders series.

Where would I get unicycling shirts in australia besides the one with simply just the the logo?

what would make it better?

:smiley: Asking this man for ideas. You should PM him. :D\

His name is Ducttape on these forums and is a very good Ameican friend of mine. :smiley:

Among all the other t-shirt designs that has a unicycle as its main motif I think this one is not bad. But try to aim higher. Think about it – is it really the best way to promote unicycling by showing a wheel, a frame and a saddle? Where is the enchantment? The thrill? The beauty?