New unicycle Skill Levels, please send feedback

Hey everybody,

the IUF Skill Level Development Committeee has published the first drafts of new unicycle skill levels. Now the authors can’t wait for your constructive feedback.

Here are the drafts:
A: (Freestyle)
B: (Freestyle)
C: (Extreme = mainly Street + Flat)
D: (Freestyle)
E: (All)

Please place your feedback along with one of the uppercase letters (found in the top right corner of each draft), that we can assign your feedback to the respective draft and avoid loosing yours.

Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.

I have a lot of problems with D but the one that stands out the most is that Level 9: stand up coast is before level 10: coast.

Also, in E for the Gliding direction and the stand-up direction I think that the 20m of gliding/stand-up gliding is too long, especially for stand-up-glide. Maybe more like 10m?

I think C should have more extreme street stuff in it instead of mostly tech, or change it’s name. I think drops, gaps and up, both doing tricks and not, would be great instead of the more technical stuff.

It’s great to see some new skill levels. :smiley: Do you still think of having people testing you? Going to a skatepark seems a bit of a hassle for a trick…

A is a little too complicated. I think the levels need to be pretty concise about what exactly needs to be done for each.

No Trials or Muni?
I know both of these are pretty rough to fit on a skills level scheme, but I’d like to at least see them mentioned as “Directions” under E. Also, as to level 2 in C , it seems to me that “hop or idle 10 times” should just be idle 10 times, hopping on one spot just encourages pogo-sticking, a bad habit to get into.

Yikes, this seems really complicated! :astonished:

I’m glad to see the addition of newer skills. Having said that, I’ll need a lawyer to explain to me which Level I am at any given time.

+1 on complicated. And although I am a lawyer and I might be able to figure it out, I doubt anyone would be willing to pay me for enough time to do it. :thinking: :astonished:

To which Draft you are referring?

Keep in mind, based on your feedback we are adjusting the drafts and at the end one will stand out (we might putting the good parts into one).

The current levels are easy to get your mind around, one consistent system with ten levels. In my case each level is printed on it’s own page and these pages are posted on the wall of the gym. If someone asks “what is level 3” I can point to that page and all the information is there.

The proposed systems, taken all together, make it difficult to point to a single page of information for any level without having to really think about how the rules for that level can be interrpreted. A simple example, “idling with both feet”. Does that mean both feet on the pedals at the same time or idiling with the right foot, then the left foot?

Oh, we have left this part so far. In the first step we are getting the content. At the end you will have a detailed description for each trick! You can expect that for the final system :slight_smile:

maybe I overlooked something, but could someone explain to me the need for 5 different drafts?
For me as someone who also teaches unicycling a good skill level list would be one that would encourage the younger ones to learn new tricks.

A good idea IMO would be to let the rider select a direction in which he would like to evolve (freestyle, trials, flatland…).
A system with a few basic level for all rider (3-4) that would cover the basic riding skills good for all disciplines, and then further level depending on what the rider wants to concentrate on.

nowadays everything is already out there on youtube, it is mainly about structuring the various tutorials in the right order for the right rider…

That is a good question. We have 5 different drafts, because we have 5 different ideas. It’s now our task consolidate all stuff into a final one.

Any other feedback, would love to see :slight_smile:

The extreme aspect could use some work. Because fifthflip, 720, and tripleflip are going to become out of date VERY fast. 6 riders can sejflip at the moment, 2 riders can 1080 on flat, and quadflips on flat aren’t unheard of. Quintflips have been done off of objects even.

Also, incorporating the out-tricks like full varial and such, is going to cause problems. As some stances in unicycling make it easier to perform such tricks.

[QUOTE=Colby Thomas;1369644]
Quintflips have been done off of objects even.

Who has done those?

Who has done those?

I found a problem in level C were it says right after learning a crankflip a backflip is right after it? Shouldn’t that be somewhere in the intermediate level? I haven’t really looked at this so that’s all I can think of.

I think I would add hicktriple, treysidedouble, and 360 lateflip to level 10.

There are also no fakieflip tricks on the list. I’d put a treyfakieflip at level 8 or 9. Also a 540 sidespin somewhere on the list in the upper levels.

To make it more fair for riders of all stances, you could allow tricks to be done seat out-seat out or from seat in-seat out, and allow for inward varialflips rather than regular varialflips. This would just be to compensate for the riders who spin towards their front foot.

edit: Ok I just read them again. There are no lateflips on the list at all. I’d put lateflips at level 7, and 180 lateflips at level 8.

I like the idea behind draft E the most. I think of the skill list as intended mostly for the beginner and mid-level rider. It gives you a list of things you would look forward to accomplishing. The profi riders who do flips and spins you can’t count don’t need this list. They need a youtube account, internet connection and a slow-mo camera…

there is one issue I ave with the stairs size. 2020 is not a stair size. The formula for stairs is - 2HEIGHT+DEPTH=~62 CM. most regular house stairs would be 16-17 cm height and 30cm depth.

1 more comment:
20 m ww for a beginner feels a bit long to me. 10 meters should be enough.

I REALLY like the concept of E.
The balance section is a cool idea!

Suggestions I would have:

  • Riding should include Spin/Pirouette. Maybe spin should be advanced, and pirouette pro.
  • There should be Stand up wheel walking on the wheel walk section, and you should get rid of "stand up" section
  • Pro seat out should include riding backwards with seat dropped

I also liking the balance section :smiley:

If I had to vote it would definitely be E, no question!