New Unicycle Shirt!

Howdy Everybody-

Unicycling is cool and all, but boy are we lacking in the clothing department. To that end I’ve designed a T-Shirt for all the groovy street and/or trials unicyclists out there.

I’m calling it my Crankflip Tee. I am going to make a limited run of the t-shirts, getting them printed professionally screen printed in the next week or two. If you want one I’ve set up an order page here.

Screen printing (at low volume) isn’t cheap, so they’re going to cost $16 each.

Domestic shipping is a flat $4.60… international shipping I’ll have to calculate. However, my brother has plans to attend NAUCC, so I could have him bring your shirt along for pick-up.

Ladies- I can get the shirts made with girlie tees if you let me know ahead of time.



Looks like the perfect style printing. Nice clear outline without a bunch of messy words and stuff that people wouldn’t understand…

but do you have a closer up of it? Looks great except you can’t really see the unicycle very well, however I’m sure it will look better when you have an actual shirt instead of just a mock up.

Is that taken from an actual picture of someone?


i like it a lot
good job dude.

Here is the design itself:

that is a kewl shirt.

I may buy one later in the future, and i’m looking WAY forward to more great designs out of you.

+1 :smiley:

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention - based off a picture my brother took of chicagounicycle a month or two ago, during their jam in Millennium Park.

That design is sweet m8, but what do all the acronyms and symbols in the bottom right corner signify?

I understand the male symbol, by might mean boy but what does the rest mean?

Sorry it’s probably obvious and I’m being an idiot.

Those are just the licensing terms (Creative Commons BY-NC), they’re not part of the actual print.

I should probably also mention that right now I’m out and about the SF Bay Area, so if you want to meet up and get it that way I could do that too.

That looks pretty cool…It would look better i think though if it was black…but still cool.

yeah its still awesome though…
we need more shirts like this…

im not sure if you thought of this, but i think it would look a little better if you had the stairs going off to the side of the tee shirt, but maybe that wouldnt work.

i might get one!

Black can be a tough color to design on, since it increases the contrast (foreground/background) by so much.

But if you want to know the real answer for why I chose olive… it’s because I already have way too many black shirts and an interesting green looked like just the thing to liven up my wardrobe with.

I love olive anyway, so if I get paid lots at the end of this month I may buy one :wink:

cool shirt

cool shirt, well worth the money

I’d buy one. Is it possible to have it in blue and white??? :smiley:

oh man another dork on a unicycle…

like it