new unicycle section

Just forced the new unicycle section of my website onto the internet. Check it out, if you want, at

Re: new unicycle section

On Sun, 8 May 2005 16:40:13 -0500, “cathwood” wrote:

>Check it out, if you want, at

The small purple lettering on black background is very difficult to
read on my monitor. So much that I gave up on checking your site out.
I greatly prefer darker letters on a lighter background, and a decent

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Hi Cath,

Nice site. Sorry I haven’t visited it before. You’ve got a good set of links there for the unicycling newbie - how about some pics from BUC 12? And of course don’t forget to post pics of the Rhyll Unimeet!

Am I mistaken, or is that unicyclist hopping away like there’s no tomorrow…?:slight_smile:

I guess I’d have to agree with Klaas on the letter/background colouring though. A brighter letter colour would be better.

Hope all’s well with you.