New unicycle related things u want

I need an idea for my Design and Technology Major Project and I was told to choose somthing in an area that I am interested in. but i cant think of any unicycle parts/tools/components/etc which would b useful and havent already been put on the market. so heres ur chance to tell me wat unicycle related thing u think should b designed and made.

Get creative!!

You should design a seat that has a handle on both sides. I have no idea how this would work out or feel but it would be cool.

ummmmm… this is kinda stupid but a unicycle that can extend to a giraffe unicycle. like you can either ride it as a regular unicycle or put it at the height you want. or would that be to hard??? probably. if so then you should do a…oh i know. you should somehow create like a bike trainer but for unicycles. like when it gets really cold or snows or something you can ride indoors. do you know what i mean?? that might be to hard to put together but you could try it. also, i dont know if those have been put on the market or now. i will see and write another reply if they are! hope that helps at all!

This would be kinda cool… But just wouldnt feel right having a seat with a wide bumper.

All I’m saying is that if someone can actually make one that works and feels good, then awesome. But I don’t think it’d be possible.

i have a unicycle with a seat that has handles on both sides.

yea i agree. maybe not for trial but it would b good for flat n street. it would just b incredibly difficult to make one that is comfortable

The seat-with-handles-at-both-ends idea would be cool; it would be mostly about figuring out a seat shape that would be fairly comfortable.

Another idea is an integrated frame/handlebar setup for a 36" unicycle (or smaller unicycle). It would be nice to see if you could make it lightweight, with a handlebar that can be adjusted for both length and height. I’ve wondered if it could be done with a T-shaped frame, with handlebars on the front and the seat at the back. Both would be able to slide back and forth up there, and the seat be tiltable. But I don’t think that would be enough variation for seat height; you would need something more…

retrofit Quick Release bearing clamps

I read recently in another thread about this idea and it has got me thinking a lot. I think it was Nurse Ben who suggested it. Quick release bearing holders that retrofit to existing frames. I have had a couple ideas that could potentially work. If something like this came to market I’m pretty sure it would be an easy sell. I’d buy them for each of my uni’s.

they were put on the prototypes of the ADDICT frames but apparently they were too heavy and expensive which is a shame cause i would luv that

so since addict’s didn’t work, none will, i really like your logic there…
i’m probably going to put some on my KH frame when i get it re-welded.

How about a unicycle with 2 wheels! That would be really cool. not.

Indestructible unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, I liked the post about the unicycle trainer idea.

my logic is that im 16 with no previous experiences in designing unicycle parts while yoggi has had the most experience out of any other unicyclist. if he couldnt make it work then i doubt i hav much of a chance

my logic is that im 16 with no previous experiences in designing unicycle parts while yoggi has had the most experience out of any other unicyclist. if he couldnt make it work then i doubt i hav much of a chance

already been made. its a giraffe with the wheels working as cogs which means pedalling forwards makes u go backwards. and wats with the sarcasm?

already made. only prob is it weighs a tonne. its name: Torker lol

Bring back the reeder handle!

nah than my logic is that you do not know to much about the people who design unicycles.

We have Kris holm who in my ques the most experiencest.
Then the people behind nimbus (roger
Then qu-ax and koxx-one.

If someone can not make it, it does not mean it is inpossible. :wink:

eh, i think you could… i just don’t think that the idea has been explored enough yet…

no way! yoggi has by far the most experience. he has designed ALOT of different parts (all K1 and ADDICT parts), far more then kris. even if u think they arnt as good then thats ur opinion but it doesnt change the fact that yoggi is more experienced in design than all the other guys

and i was considering making the quick release bearing holders but i dont hav the equipment/resources for somthing like that atm. we’ll c

I think a new seat thats more comfortable for SIF, or a new front handle.

wats wrong with the current seats and handles?