new unicycle (rant)

I finally have it all together…

Picked up my wheel today after waiting 2 weeks for the spokes to arrive. I had them lace a 36 hole Suzue hub to a Dice Two-Four rim via 14 guage spoked and splined brass nipples. I put my 24x3 Gazzaloddi on it and my 165mm Tracer alloy cranks with Mojo Platform pedals. I bolted this wheelset to my Reeder “ears” type frame that I built.

First impressions were of serious fatness in the heavy tyre, but I soon got over that, happily hopping as high as I can with my 20". Its hard getting used to the Gazzaloddi again, after riding the 20" for so long, but it very soon felt comfortable. I tried a bit of stair riding but found that it was a bit too bouncy, so I let a little bit of air out (now about 12-14psi) which settled it down a whole lot, enough to let me ride a 5, 7, 5 step combination! The frame is perfect, even though I made some changes to the Reeder frame, there is no appreciable flex, and I dont hit my legs on the frame as I thought I would… I hit them on the tyre instead! The frame is a great deal lighter than my last 24", and the whole setup is very well balanced. I only have one concern, and that is the hub. Im REALLY hoping it will stand up to a bit of abuse for a while until I save up enough for a profile hub/crankset!

With the demise of the Gazzaloddi, I have ordered a Duro Wildlife 24x3. I will see how it goes. For now, I’ll keep on using my Gazzaloddi till it is worn out.

I will have pics of my new unicycle up on my website as soon as I get my scanner fixed.


Can’t wait to see the pics. What sort of hub did you use? How much does the whole ride weigh?


Re: new unicycle (rant)

Don’t give up so easily on the demise of the Gazz. If you have any local (or not so local) DH or freeride bike shops check to see if they have one in stock. If they have one, snag it. Today I just found a slightly used and abused 24x3 Gazz at a local DH bike shop. A local freeride bike shop might get a 24x3 Gazz in their order this week. If they do it’s mine. Snag them while you can.

One or two spare tires will get me through a bunch of years and by then their will likely be a new fun fat tire to take the place of the 24x3 Gazz.