New Unicycle - Punk!


I’m new here. I have a cheap Unicycle and wanted a bit of an upgrade. I was thinking of going for the Punk Freestyle. Is this any good? I prefer the Pink one.


Never heard of it. Link please? Also can’t tell if it’s a decent upgrade without knowing what you are upgrading from.

There is a link in his post. It’s a Numbus II frame, UDC hub, aluminium rim and 114 cranks. Never heard of the saddle though. Sounds quite a decent freestyle machine.


This would be better. Try this. It has an isis hub which is much better and wont break as easily.

nimbus 2 frames are terrible for freestyle. The only really good frames are the Semcycle XL longneck, K1 Signature(I can tell by sight and specs, I have not actually ridden it, though it looks heavenly), and the nimbus X is also pretty decent (though continuous standup can be somewhat painful).

I wouldn’t go with that either, since it has the same terrible shape as the nimbus 2.

naaa its not a terrible shape at all, its only over fussy people that find it difficult, long necks are unnecessary they make very little difference, ill probably be slated for saying that but i don’t care, i ride that qu-ax for freestyle i stand up glide, daiki walk, stand up ww, almost stand up kush kush and i never bang my ankles or anything and foot position is not a problem

The long neck is important for SIF no handed, and the crown really does make a huge difference. It hurts your feet and has to much clearance, very important for standup tricks.

mmmm doesnt bother me, sif no handed i have also done with that one, yh maybe a knee banger but also stupid trick,

It’s fun to see how low you can go backwards. Otherwise it is kind of stupid I agree.

you coming Unicon pele, sorry this is a bad thread jack

What do you want to do w/ this uni?

Looks decent for just freesyle, but I’d spend a bit more for splined like this Nimbus. I bet that Qu-Ax posted above only has the light “ISIS” hub, not nearly as strong as the Nimbus’ hub.

I don’t like the crown on the 20" Nimbus X. If the crown was wider like the Street or 24" X I might like it. For me, a rounded crown is better than the 20" X, and the II style significantly better.

Its a good uni, and youll thoroughly enjoy it, specially for freestyle.

I dont recommend you do too many drops with it, as it will break after a while. But, it will hold up pretty well, so learning the basics opf trials, muni, street, and flatland wont be all that bad.

Thanks for your comments. I want the Uni for more freestlye so maybe it is worth spending more and getting as Nimbus. I would rather get something thats going to last. The Nimbus ISIS hub looks good. I phoned (UK) for some more advice and the Lady I spoke too was really helpful. She also recommended the Nimbus II or Nimbus X.