new unicycle. naucc.

so i’ve been riding for a little bit now. not sure how long. i’ve got to the point where i can ride w/o stopping for long long times. im going to buy a new unicycle and i want something that is good for muni and for doing tricks. my budget is a little over 300 dollars, any suggestions?

i heard about some competition called naucc. im only 14 and im not very good at uni but do u think it would be worthwhile to go? even if i didnt compete?

If you have the opportunity, yes, go to NAUCC. The excitement and atmosphere created by hundreds of unicyclists is great. You will see every type of unicycling and people doing things you never thought were possible.

If it’s strong and sturdy you want, I think you can get a Torker DX or a Qu-Ax muni for around $300. has them both.
Keep in mind the differences between a 20" and 24" wheel size- 24" wheel rides a little bit faster, and smoother, and is better for rough terrain/XC type riding, while a 20" wheel is slower but more versatile, thus for just riding around doing tricks.

If you can make it to NAUCC, go for it! Age makes no difference, you’ll probably see unicyclists anywere from 9 years old to 60 years old. It’s not all about competition either; North American Unicycling Convention and Championships. It’ll be a lot of fun.

i heard the devil uni’s are good. would they be good for muni and for small tricks like hops and stuff like that?

They are good uni’s however they are more expensive than $300.

ok so i think im going to sell my air hockey table for 100 bucks and get the white widow devil. so will it be good for small tricks like hops off stuff and spins. and will it be good for muni. nothing insane on muni just some trails. oh and if anyone wants to buy an air hockey table pm me :stuck_out_tongue:

i would go with a nimbus2 frame and KH wheelset…

It is usually pretty difficult to get a Koxx uni in the US, though there are a few suppliers. Shipping may be a large amount for that brand.
I would go for the QU-AX or the Torker DX. Both are very strong but somewhat heavy.
As for wheel size, a 20" is best for trials and street, while a 24" is best for Muni. You can do any style on either size, but having the right size makes things easier.


no renegade juggling is really good and have great service of koxx unis un the US