New Unicycle Jester Shirt

I designed a unicycle shirt last year, but only made 10 of them. I ordered 50 of them awhile ago, and just received the order last week.

I’m selling these shirts to help pay for my airfare to Japan for Unicon (yes, I’m going! :slight_smile: ).

The price is $15.00 per shirt, and you can order with paypal, or by sending a check or cash. All the details on how to order are on my homepage, . There is also more pictures on that page.

I designed the front of the shirt, and the back is slighty modified from a sign made by Eclipse Signs. (The image was used with permission.)




bump for someone going on a cool trip


That’s pretty funny. I wish there were trails like that. I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon though.

Nice job,


Thanks for all your interest everyone!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Man, I thought I would get a little activity on this topic.

It costs $1,025 to fly to Japan, and I’m about halfway there. I was hoping this shirt fundraiser would help get me to that goal. So perhaps buy a shirt as a present, or for yourself if you want. I think $15 is pretty reasonable.

Thank you,


here’s another picture of it:

amazing site!

I think your problem lies with the personalization of your shirt.

Perhaps few people other than yourself (Jester2000) want to relate unicycling with clowing any more than they have to?

The court jester is not generelly thought of as one of the ‘cool’ jobs in history.

Good luck on financing your trip though, best of luck.

i got mine!