New Unicycle Hub: MAD4ONE 36 Loch Unicycle Hub

Hey Guys

A new unicycle hub!!

I wonder how strong it is, its a good wieght to! :smiley: 200 grams of savings :astonished:

''We are proud to present you finaly the MAD4ONE unicylce hub. It is a high quality CroMo ISIS hub which fit for all 36 spoke rims. The hub will be deliveres within Bearings, Crank screws and spacer.
With all parts the hub weight only 462 gramm. Pimp your Uni and get your MAD4ONE hub now! ‘’

Price taxes incl. 149.00 EUR
Price taxes excl. 125.21 EUR

Pritty pricy, but very close wieght to the KH Titanium, at a lot less cost :smiley:

Did anyone tested them? They look pretty much like the Exceed Ti ones, except they are Cr-mo…


They look nice… and if they come with the bearing etc of you can get it painted a lot easyer without having to worry about getting paint in the bearing…

Yes they come with the bearings of cause you have to spoke the wheel first so painting will be easy.
They are tested by some Muni and Trial rider in south Europe and soon MArcus Hahn get his wheel to test it.
We wont give 36 month warranty if we don’t trust in that product. Its not from Asia, its made in Europe in a very small edition on highest quality standards. Its made from one peace of Steel on CNC mashine so no pressed flanges or weldings on it.

Looks good. :slight_smile:
Shame it’s so expensive, but I guess you pay for quality.
My understanding of CNC’ing is that it cuts the object from one block of material, in this case that material is CrMo…?
Im wondering how this hub is so light! :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it. Finally a unicycle hub with small flanges!
Hmmmm, im collecting parts for a new muni…

Edd, impact hub has small flanges! :slight_smile:

But yeah, this hub looks pro.
If only I had unlimited money…

The description sais “fit for all 36 spoke rims”, but I think you might like to specify the spoke size this hub is ment for. I for example use spoke #13, and I don’t think that would fit, or does it? (and if it does, it means the holes are to big for smaller spokes).

those look sweet :slight_smile: i would love to get one of those eventually…

but yeah, whats spokes will fit these?
and will betterforyourbody/mad4one be making anymore uni parts?

I will list the exact Spoke size for 19", 20", 24" 26" and 29" very soon. is actually in charge for the distribution and we also select some test rider in our team (and outside) to test this product and also they are still testing some products that will come up in the future.
MAD4ONE is a new Brand based in Italy, following the italien tradition to provide bike parts from the highest quality and adapt this idea to unicycling. They listen to you and mixup your ideas with the know how of mechanical production to push the things to the limit.

Cool! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from them :slight_smile:

Same :smiley:

olarf could you give us a hint what is to come? :slight_smile:

In the first step there will appear new ultra light Cranks which are actually in test to see how strong they are.

Looks nice, maybe a little expensive, Is the weight with bearings and bolts - because if so that’s impressive

Im still trying to work out how they cut 200g

my exceed Ti hub is 367g with bearings and bolts. But that’s 167grams of bearings and bolts. I have ti bolts now as well but that hardly changed anything since they aren’t hollow to keep the strength good.

Without bearings the new KH hubs probably aren’t far to that one.

So, with bearings and bolts, it all comes to ~100g more than the Ti counterpart? which looks like it’s the same sort of design?

Im guessing the weights been saved due to it being one lump of metal. If I was going to make a hub, this is the way I would have gone.

The flanges are part of the axle, rather than being a separate ‘shell’ that is pressed on afterwards.

Looks damn nice, im sorely tempted. New cranks sound good too. Im loving how we’re getting new manufacturers bringing out innovative products. Might push the other brands to compete and bring out even better stuff. Can only be good for us! :slight_smile:

I only have dimenson from the spokes you need for 19" wheel for now, the rest follow soon. We use Sapim 14G 178 which work fine. I also add a picture with the complete Set on my scale, within spacers it is 466 gramm exactly. Also Marco build up MAD4ONE 19" unicycles made form QX frame, KH rim and MAD4ONE HUB which are 4,93 KG. You can buy those complete unis here:

All i can say is these hubs are nice i held one at EUC and its freaking light i would buy one but the only prob is if you have a broken spoke the you need to take the crank and frame of to replace it